Position #9: Straddle Cuddle

This week’s position is one we just tried the other night, but I just didn’t know what to call it. I found it on Dr. Sue Johansen’s website, and it is called Straddle Cuddle.

Straddle Cuddle is a modified version of the Woman on Top or “Cowgirl” position. When using this position, the husband could be lying on his back to start out and the wife can position herself on top of him and mount him, just like WOT. (We started in the seated position) After insertion of the penis, the husband then sits upright while still inside her.  This provides maximum closeness between the spouses. Her breasts are more accessible to be stimulated by hand or mouth in this position. Also, with the husband in the seated position, this keeps the wife’s clitoris closer to his body and his pelvis for greater grinding ability for stimulation. The wife can either sit on her own folded legs for thrusting power or she could wrap her legs around him for more grinding ability or even use a circular motion for stimulation. This may not be the perfect position for the husband to orgasm in since it isn’t a good position for deep penetration, but if she comes first, he could flip her over and the couple could go for multiples or just to finish him off.

Another option would be for the man to start in a seated position in an armless chair and his wife could mount him from there. In this way, you are not limited to the bedroom, you could make love in any room of the house or basically anywhere you have privacy for intimacy. (Great for outdoor sex, camping, in the hot tub, you name it!)

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