Monday’s Mission #1

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to plan a night to do a strip tease for your husband. Find the music, find the outfit and go for it. Remember he just wants to see you release your sexual energy towards him. Don’t take yourself too seriously and just enjoy it! He loves YOU!!!


  1. Reading this sight, I often see references to letting your husband see you dressing or undressing. Here’s the thing. I’m 46. I’m size 16. I’ve been pregnant 6 times. I’m not especially large-breasted and what is there is deflated. Why would I want to put that on display?
    He loves my body, especially my butt and he expresses that appreciation with his hands.
    But there is lots there not to love. We make love almost always in the dark with the light from the street coming through the window. I have lingerie I really like that offers some concealment of my midsection which helps me feel more sexy and uninhibited. I also buy panties that will emphasize his favorite area. But any displaying of the body is pretty carefully controlled!
    It just sounds like I’m the only large woman here. I don’t like for my husband to see me fully naked. A strip tease? Not gonna happen unless there is some serious change, which I am working toward. Thoughts?

  2. gettingstarted….you’re not the only “large” woman here!! By no means! I, myself and a size 16 and have three children. Something I am learning, is that I have to feel sexy myself…not just rely on feelings I somehow receive from my husband. We shower together quite often (which is fun and slippery and the sensation it affords hubby is great!), and we played strip poker for the first time ever, the other night. I was pleasantly (not-so) surprised that by the time I had lost all my clothes, he was visibly aroused.

    Something a friend of mine said to me once that has empowered me, is that YOU are the only naked woman in the room. He’ll notice. It’ll be good. Take chances…he’ll appreciate it, and the more you do it, the more empowered you will be.

  3. Deejee33’s right. Any of us who have struggled with weight issues, boobs that have been nursed from, many children, etc have to truly learn to appriciate the way we look ourselves. I didn’t feel sexy at all for a long time, until I finally forced myself to look in the mirror and really appriciate the beauty in myself. And, no, it didn’t happen overnight, but it did happen. Pray that the Lord will allow you to see yourself as a sexual creature, not just inwardly, but outwardly as well!
    I also had to actual BELIEVE and trust my DH when he told me I was beautiful and sexy. For the longest time I would just think “yeah right, he’s just tyring to make me feel better.” But now I realize that he truly does think I’m sexy, I really DO turn him on!! How cool!
    Also, our society has a huge influence on what we believe to be “sexy.” If you look back years ago at old paintings, many of the “beautiful” women that were used in portraits (nude portraits) weighed much more than the “beautiful” women do nowadays. Funny how things change.
    It’s all in the eye of the beholder. Sounds like your beholder thinks your pretty sexy!

  4. i agree with whats being said here. My body is less then perfect in my opinion. Sure there are somethings that Id like to change to please me and what I see in the mirror. But then Im reminded that God not only created me to do whats pleasing to him, but he also created my body as a gift to my husband and its something to be treasured. My husband appreciates what he sees whether or not the lights are on or off. And that makes me feel better knowing that I dont have to try to be someone/something that Im not or will ever be.

  5. I’m a size 16 and 38B check, so a little unproprotional. sp? I hide my weight very well as most would never guess I weight 192 (as of 2 weeks ago…been losing weight). Anyway, I know my husband loves to see me undress , for me to walk around the bedroom in undies while I clean up the room, put makeup on, etc. It thrills him.

    So embrace yourself…don’t worry what he thinks, because he is already in love with you and it excited him to know that you are that comfortable with yourself.

    To make you feel sexier, buy some colorful undies (my husband loves bright colors.) I had fun shopping the clearance racks recently, and was able to find $30 bras for $5 bucks, and was able to get all kinds of colors. And walmart had 6 pairs of undies in a box for $7 buck. Let’s just say, I have a very happy husband right now, because of these recent purchase especially when I march around in them.

  6. I realize these Monday Missions are old but I am going to do one every Friday starting this week. They sound like a lot of fun. 😉 We’ll see how long I last before I give up. 😀

  7. I started the Monday missions 14 weeks ago and it has been awesome. Have fun.

  8. looooooooove the morning missions!

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