Going Commando


The term going commando originally caused me to have visions of Arnold Schwarzenegger. I quickly learned that this term merely meant that you were not wearing any underwear. Some other terms that mean the same thing are ‘going indian’, ‘free balling’ (this term is for men seeing that we don’t own any balls to set free), and free buffing.

I do not go commando 100% of the time. When I do it does help me feel sexier. Once in awhile I may ‘forget’ to put my underwear on which then leads to me confessing to my husband. This can really drive him crazy depending on where we are or what we are doing. Try removing your underwear in the ladies room, discreetly put them in your husband’s pocket and see what happens. Sometimes I go without telling him that I am underwear free and he figures it out soon enough with the touch of his hand. Some people choose to go commando 100% of the time. Cummingirl mentioned not wearing panties in her Ben Wa Balls: A Toy Review. If I remember correctly her ben wa balls did fall out at one point so there you go, woman are capable of freeing there balls. 😉

Sleeping nude is a very common practice. The benefits are that it keeps air circulating, improving fertility in men, increases physical intimacy with your spouse, and it helps us relax. Remember that we entered this world naked and probably preferred to be naked as toddlers as well. It’s a natural state.

That being said, I usually do need to wear something to bed. I have trained myself to feel more comfortable that way. I think I will change my ways after reading all these benefits of sleeping in the buff. In my investigating of this subject I have found that being naked can stop perspiration, therefore decreasing body order. Not restrict blood vessels, which cut down on developing varicose veins. I’m all about smelling good and making my legs look as attractive as they can. Oh, look at the time. I need to get ready for bed. I can’t wait for my husband to experience his ‘morning wood’ while he is free balling. Ahhh, good times!! Hasta la vista, baby!!



  1. I go commando 95% of the time. It’s very comfortable. I sleep nude as well. The only time I wear a thong is when I wear a skirt or dress. For some reason, It makes me feel sexy to wear a thong under a skirt.

  2. I tried this last Valentine’s Day under a dress and let hubby know when we were on the dessert course at the restaurant – he never finished cheesecake so fast in his life!

    However, I am concerned about going commando while wearing pants (especially jeans/denim) or nylons, since I feel that they would position themselves too intimately between my labia. Any suggestions from people?

  3. My suggestion is to try it at home for an evening and see if it is comfortable for you or not. If you are at home and find that it isn’t comfortable, it is easy enough to go back to wearing panties.

  4. Thigh highs or a garter belt are great options for going commando while wearing nylons.

  5. I don’t use birth control, and thus have some mucus about half of my cycle. I do sleep nude for half of my cycle, but I’ve found that going commando when I’m wet isn’t necessarily fun. I would like to do it more often, but I’m not sure what to do about this “problem.” You girls have any ideas?

  6. isaacsgirl, I have excess lubrication when I am ovulating. That’s the only time I can think of where I would be in your situation with extra wetness. If I do sleep commando during those times I just clean our sheets more often but I usually do wear some kind of underwear during in those situations. Look at it as a positive though. Many women wish their bodies could produce more lubricant.

  7. My DH loves the thigh highs and garter belt combo. It’s easily his favorite lingerie and he loves to make love while I’m wearing it, versus a lot of other pieces of lingerie that I have that he might like me wearing but are off me in five minutes once he sees them. The other thing with the garter/thigh high or crotchless nylons is that you can put your underwear (boy short, bikini or thong all work just fine, IMO) on over them which means you can take them down to go to the restroom.

    Sleeping naked would be a great article, and even for us parents I just lock the door and have a robe available. It’s pretty much a sure fire way for me to join as one with my DH when I sleep naked.

  8. You know what Setter? I have had a document on my computer in the CN folder entitled Sleeping Naked since the spring and haven’t had a chance to write it because we’ve had so many questions from people. LOL. Now that you have officially asked, I have an excuse to write it. Yay! But it may not be out before November since October is jam packed already…

  9. been a commando girl since I was a teen… originally because I disliked fighting with underwear, crawling, lines, etc. but then it evolved into who I was. hubby likes it. If I need to shop I alway throw a pair of undies in my purse.. not so sure about all the other commando girls out there….. if hubby is with me, he always reminds me. … remember to put those back in your purse, I dont want too much between us. I love it =) ……..sleeping: 0, nada, nothing. he sleeps in his undies most of the time because too much loosey goosey makes his b*lls sore (since an old injury) I just like the closeness and feel.

  10. My husband is exactly the same about sleeping, lilfanny!

  11. My husband likes to sleep with his underwear on too. He says that it keeps everything in place but every once in awhile he sleeps nude to appease me.

  12. Both my husband and I sleep commando. We both hate the feeling of clothing on our bodies as we sleep. Women should get rid of panties at night it is so much better for your vagina. Less yeast infections, less bacteria problems it is just healthy.

  13. I remember reading this recently and have tired it at night. Yes my dh loves it! But today, I decided to go without all day, and when I told him. HE was like “that’s nice, and went on to say that is not really a turn on for him.” I was so disappointed.

    On the flip side, I actually have enjoyed the freedom, but not sure if I would be willing to do it outside of our home and property.

    Just wondering, those of you who do this most of the time, do you ever go without a bra too?

  14. 99% of the time I go commando, however, I cannot go without a bra! The twins just HAVE to have support!

  15. My DH and I began sleeping naked about 9 months ago when I started bio-identical hormones, which made me really crave sex (we’re 52, married 29 yrs.)! I too wore pjs my whole life and it took a while to get used to sleeping nude. Now the rule is “no pjs allowed”!

    I’m also one of the ‘wet ones’ who just cannot go commando, however, I stopped wearing bras over 2 months ago. This has cured my breast pain and made my fibroid cysts vanish. I am still pretty perky but I also try to stand up straight, shoulders back, so people can’t tell. Of course I had to find patterned tops to conceal my nipples (but so many bras show nipples) and camisoles/tanks if I need an additional layer to feel ‘covered’. DH loves to grab me at will and sleeping naked allows for ‘instant’ sex (no clothing removal required)!

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