Position #10: A Girl, A Guy and a Poang Chair

If you have a chair similar to the Poang Chair from IKEA, there is a really great position you can try. It is simple, but so nice. This is an in depth look at a variation of last week’s position.

The husband is sitting in the chair and the wife is on top, sitting facing him with her legs dangling over the arm rests. It would, of course, work in any chair as long the arms weren’t too high, but the special thing about this chair is the gentle rocking movement you get when you are moving in and out from each other.

This position allows for deep penetration and the angle may work very well if you find that some other woman-on-top positions pull down uncomfortably on your husband’s erection. It’s great for face to face interaction and it feels very intimate, being pressed up against each other in a vertical position.

As an added bonus, if you dare, I suggest taking this chair along with a cozy blanket out to your patio or deck and setting a romantic scene with nice wine, romantic lights and music. Then, enjoy this position under a starry sky. Not that anyone I know has done that or anything… 8)



  1. Do you happen to know if these chairs have a weight limit?

  2. Good question. I just checked out the IKEA website and it said that the frame withstands up to 375 pounds. The chair is less that $200 and very comfy. In fact, I am sitting in it as I type….

  3. WOW! That’s the same chair my husband and I broke! It cracked at the bottom. He’s about 200lbs and me 128. We got another one but we’re more careful now. It is a good chair! I thought I almost broke him when we fell. He was ok and we laughed and continued on the broken pieces for a while. We have an inside joke we laugh about now, whenever someone says something about a broken chair. I’ve got to show this page to him. He’s gonna roar!

  4. Hehe we have one of those chairs downstairs – our garden is too overlooked to sneak it outside

  5. As a native Swedish speaker, I feel like I have to tell you that “Poäng” can be translated into “Score”. I have my guesses what IKEA might be referring to.. 🙂 This position (and chair) worked very well for both of us! We were a little bit afraid of breaking the chair, and after reading Breezy’s comment, I think we will be even more careful.

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