Monday’s Mission #3

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to have breast sex with your husband.  Grab you favorite lube, apply generously between your bosom and on his shaft, and assume your favorite position!  You can lie on your back or go over the top of him…  you can incorporate oral and/or manual stimulation… you can do it to completion or just as foreplay… just have fun with your booby boom boom experience!


  1. We both enjoy this! However, the only way it works for us is with me on my back and a couple of pillows under my lower back/head. That way, he can glide in between while I push my breasts together. The view for me is oh la la!

  2. would appreciate more input on positions for breast sex. I am small busted and if there is lube on them they sort of slip out of my hands. We want to try this but the only time we have, it was comedy night not romantic seduction night 🙂 It was more “Chest sex” because I just couldn’t get a nice slippery cleavage going for him.

  3. Is anyone else going back through the monday mission archives?

  4. I started reading CN right as these were ending so I need to go back and do some of them!! I have had an itch to try this lately anyway so maybe this will be my first Monday Mission 😉

  5. saved and sexy did you try this yet? Here is what we found

    CO is too slippery for my little breasts, used a lighter massage lotion and I was able to hold on much better

    Great fun for foreplay but we didn’t finish there

    Glad we tried tried it!

  6. My DH straddles me and moves his member between my breasts. When the top of his member slides out the top of my breasts I tilt my head so that I can take its tip into my mouth. The result is that he receives oral stimulation on the tip of his member while the rest of his member slides between my breasts.

    To make it even hotter, I lift my legs straight up so that my DH can reach back with both arms and run his hands up and down the backs of my legs. He really likes it when I wear thigh highs when we do this position. The position has a lot of moving parts and you have to be somewhat flexible and the man must have good balance, but it is one of our favorite positions.

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