Life threw me a curve….

I have reached the stage in my life where my body is throwing curveballs at me now. I really wasn’t ready for this, but here it is. I’ve spent too many years not caring about my sexuality, but now that I embrace it better than before, Satan’s sent in a relief pitcher. This one’s got some good stuff, too.

This one has hold of my monthly cycle. I have always had major trouble with hormonal birth control. It was very effective….it took away all the desire I ever had for sex with my husband. So when you aren’t having or wanting sex, there ya go! It works!! And did I really PAY for that? I paid the pharmaceutical companies so I could pump hormones into my body that caused me not to want sex? Whatever was I thinking!! Oh, yeah. I was thinking I didn’t want babies. So in the past 2 years, I have thrown away my packs of birth control pills, and went to charting. My drive is back and I am really loving sex. My cycles were semi-normal, well, they were at least consistent, but shorter than they used to be, but still I could count on them to be there after a certain number of days.

Until this month. That relief pitcher that Satan sent in…..No menstrual cycle.

I tested. It came back negative. It’s been a bit over a month since my last cycle, too. So, here I am again, wondering….did I skip a period? I’ve never done that. How do I know if I ovulated or not? How will I know when I ovulate next? Do we need to consider birth control again? (NO! NOT THAT QUESTION!!) Is it part of my age? Am I perimenopausal?

I have already seen the doctor a few months ago and my hormone tests came back normal. No actual proof that I am perimenopausal. So what are my options?

I haven’t made but one decision. I won’t go back on hormonal birth control ever again. I do not want to put my husband through the agony that I put him through once before. I have a lot of research to do and a trip back to my doctor next month. I will not let Satan get a foothold in my marriage bed again. That is one place that I have forbidden him to venture into ever again.


  1. Praying, Mrs. Nutmeg…. can’t wait to hear God’s resolution to this!

  2. Shush and Lizreeves, thank you so much for your encouraging words. I am in prayer and I know that God knows exactly what is going on. it’s an ongoing saga, no doubt! Thank you for your prayers, too. I really appreciate it!

  3. Hello–I just discovered your blog and I really like it. Can I offer my two cents on the birth control front? I too, cannot handle hormonal BC–I get really depressed and angry and fat. Not exactly sexy, huh? Hubby and I cannot stand using barrier methods either–they just get in the way and really interfere with hubby’s enjoyment. Five years ago I tried an IUD for the first time and I will never go back to anything else. IUDs are as effective as The Pill, and can last for up to five years without a thought from the user after initial insertion. I have had three kids while using them–when my husband and I feel it’s time to add to our family the IUD comes out and my fertility is restored right away (I got pregnant with my middle child one cycle after the IUD came out) My third child, the cherry on our family sundae, came while I used Natural Family Planning. In hindsight I think I was already pregnant when I started charting–I am very blessed to be able to get pregnant quite effortlessly. I have a Mirena IUD now and it is wonderful. I feel great. I don’t worry about any more surprises creeping up on me. Stress can be a huge reason you missed your period this month. I hope everything works out for you.
    I pray you find something you can live with. Keep up the great writing!!

  4. prairieknitwit, I appreciate your insight and prayers! I will be speaking to my doctor about all possibilities, but I appreciate what you have told me about your experiences. Thanks a million!

  5. I also have the MIrena IUD and sing its praises to all who will listen! It does have some hormones, but there are less hormones than even the mini-pill, which is safe to use while breastfeeding. Also, these hormones are delivered directly to the uterus, so they don’t even enter the blood stream and cause the hormone problems of your standarad birth control. It has the effectiveness of both hormone pills and the typical IUD without the hormone issues of birth control or the moral issues of a standard IUD. There is my two cents!

  6. Have you considered taking an NFP (Natural Family Planning) course? It is not just charting… is is studying the characteristics of the cervical opening as well as the mucus at the opening… it will give you a better picture of when ovulation is occurring. But Unfortunately NFP teaches no sex during the fertile phase unless you want to risk pregnancy. I couldn’t handle that rule. NFP is taught through the Catholic Church. I believe God invented birth control… consider Sarah, Rebekah, Elizabeth and Mary to name a few.
    May also want to cosider condoms until the crisis has past.
    Also consider it a chance to work on those non-intercourse activities! The can be fun too!

    God Bless,

  7. Hi, I just found this. I know this discussion has been going a while, but just wanted to say that the pill messed me up too. I have been married just over 3 years now and until recently was on the pill. I didn’t realise he effect the pill had until I went off it not long ago. In comparison to now, I’ve realised that all the pill did was make me a grumpy wife who had little sex drive. It also started messing with my cycle, but that’s a completely separate issue… anyway we eventually decided just to stop taking it and my sex drive has improved significantly as have my moods!

  8. Hello Spicynutmeg,

    Rereading some of the site articles and saw that there has not been any news from you regarding this quasi-prayer request. Apologies ahead if you actually did write a follow up and I have not seen it.

    Every article the Spicegirls write upon is read and sometimes reread by many silent faces so please let us know how you are doing with this problem that you faced.


  9. I don’t plan on talking to my doctor about this until my next physical in a few months. I kinda know what she will probably say….lol. Just when I think my body is shifting into a new “groove”, it changes. No sense predicting it because it is so all over the place. So really nothing new to report…but thank you for asking. I appreciate it!

  10. grin…I always get a cock-eyed response from my dr. when I FINALLY go for a physical. don’t do the dr. thing often. once a year is fine by me!

    Nutmeg is a fav. spice of mine, in coffee, so will remember to pray for you to have His peace in all of this and deep communication with your man that your marriage grow stronger throughout.


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