The Tie That Binds

When I mention bondage play, what does that make you think of? Some people will immediately think of BDSM and hard-core stuff that holds little to no appeal to most of us. But light bondage play can be extremely sexy and fun!

Using a blindfold during sex play can make things….different! There are several things that can be used as a blindfold. The silk or satin belt of a robe, a sleep mask, one of your husband’s ties, or any long piece of cloth will work. Using something to take away your sense of sight can make your other senses more sensitive to external stimuli. When you can’t see what is going on, that hot breath on your thigh from your husband may mean more to your body than it usually does. Using a blindfold in the bathtub while showering together would also be very erotic!

A pleasure feather could also be used when you are blindfolded, to heighten your sensitivity. I have one that looks more like this one. When we used it, we found that there were certain parts where the feather felt very nice. Then there were those places where it just tickled! It was fun to be able to give each other new and different sensations though. I found a Silky Seduction Kit at Book22 that has a blindfold, feather, and seduction guide all in one kit. It is inexpensive too!

Handcuffs are also fun to use! There are some pretty ones out there in a variety of colors. Novelty handcuffs always come with keys and also a safety release valve, in case you loose your key! It’s usually easy enough to get out of them yourself if you really need to. For those of you who have always wondered about this type of play, you could always start out with something like gummy handcuffs!! They also make candy ones. And for you chocolate lovers, can you believe that there are actually chocolate handcuffs now? Mmmm, you could eat your way out of bondage while your husband was having his way with you! 😆

Another fun thing to try is tying your spouse up to something. I’ve tied my husband up to the bedpost before and had my way with him. I believe I used one of his neckties. I also incorporated some whipped cream during that event. 😎 He told me afterwards that it was highly erotic; yet almost frustrating that he couldn’t use his hands to touch me. When he turned the tables on me, and tied me up the next time, I saw what he was talking about. It takes a whole lot of trust to do this with your spouse. It’s almost unnerving to surrender the use of your hands/arms. But it can also be a turn on. I’ve heard that bondage tape is good for this type of play. It sticks to itself but does not stick to skin or hair. I’ve also heard that it isn’t hard to break free of if you need to.

This kind of light bondage play can be lots of fun for couples. However, if you or your spouse have some kind of abuse in your past, then this may not be something you want to experiment in. Be sensitive to the needs and desires of your spouse. Talk about what you feel comfortable doing. And as always, if you have some thoughts about bondage play, please feel free to leave a comment!


  1. Covenant Spice has a new “Vanilla Tie Up Kit” that comes in what looks like a vanilla ice cream package 😀 It’s a great price too! Here is the link for it:

  2. Velcro straps are a simple easy to use light bondage. Available in hardware type stores or departments.

  3. another positive about bondage play is that when one of your senses, such as your sight, is taken away it heightens your other senses, such as touch. My husband and I have Black Label Liberator cushions which have bondage cuffs already on them. The first time my husband used these on me it was super erotic! Bondage tape works great too and is very inexpensive. It doesn’t stick to hair so there is no pain involved.

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