Eating Seductively


I am going to make a list of words and I want you to say, to yourself or out loud, what basic human need I am describing.  Ready?  Here we go hunger, appetite, craving, spice, heat………..OK, what’s the first thing to pop into your head?  Sex?  Food?  Both of these needs can be described with similar, if not identical words.  My girl, Sugar and Spice, has already made a post on aphrodisiacs and I’m going to talk more about eating in a seductive manner.

If you are trying to seduce your husband my first words of advice is to loose the silverware and stick mainly to finger foods.  There is something highly erotic about licking the juices off  your lips or fingers.  Imagine yourself placing a piece of juicy fruit into your husband’s mouth and then slowly and deliberately licking/sucking your own fingers.   If you want to start off with something easy you could always begin by eating something phallic shaped.  A banana, popsicle, celery, asparagus …..many foods are phallic shaped.  Take some cherries or grapes and dangle them over your mouth while your tongue plays with them or gently suck on one of them.  I guarantee that your husband will need to pick his jaw up off the floor.  Whipped cream, frosting, chocolate sauces are all fun to play with.  Just dribble them at a desired location and have yourself a yummy treat and a very happy hubby.   

I could go on and on with the possibilities because I believe that every food can be eaten in a seductive manner.  It’s mostly the attitude you have while you are consuming your food.  Look at your husband and talk with your eyes.  You may not even need to say a word for him to interpret your look as you saying “I am pretending this food is really you that I am eating and you taste delicious”.   You could even suck on a straw in a way that gets his fire going.

Try thinking outside the box and use your imagination to help yourself think and feel sexy.  It doesn’t take much for my imagination to kick into gear.  I was watching my husband pay bills one day.  Suddenly he looked up at me while licking an envelope and I could not for the life of me take my eyes off of him.  I sat there all eager for him to start licking the stamps.  I think those self adhesive envelopes and stamps are two of the worst things invented.   Thank God we will always have ice cream cones.



  1. Is it ok to put food in the vagina? For example, a piece of chocolate for him to find? Are there any heath risks to this? Now that I’ve typed this, maybe it’s wrong?

  2. You should NEVER put food into the vagina. Foods can upset the PH balance and cause infection, especially sugary foods.

  3. Especially oils. That includes massages oils (unless specifically labeled “2-in-1)”.

  4. Thank-you for your quick answer! I didn’t even think of that.

  5. For Valentine’s dinner I made my husband a sexually themed dinner. 🙂

    On the menu:
    Mahi-mahi with Mango Salsa – Mahi-mahi is known as a dolphin fish and I have heard that dolphins enjoy sex. The salsa represents SPICE!

    Asparugus – known for it’s manly shape.

    Large Heart -Shaped Chocolate Chip Cookie – Because it rhymes with nookie and girl parts are sometimes reffered to as “cookie”.

    I didn’t think of this until now, but I also made Yukon Gold potatoes with sour cream….where could I go with that? LOL It was yummy and my husband and I thought it was funny! It was good to have a light hearted, silly, sexy dinner. 🙂

  6. supergirl I recently purchased a cookbook called “Seductions” and another called “Intercourses” both are all about aphrodisiac cooking. They are fun and playful like you said but are full of really great recipes that are intended to spice things up in the kitchen and elsewhere around the house 😉

    I have made my H several dishes from them and we have enjoyed the food and the dessert. I do not report feeling particularly turned on by the food alone but it does help set the mood.

  7. Deep throating Fudgsicles always gets to my husband.;)

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