Simply Romantic Nights

If you can believe it, we receive something of a sex game from my husband’s parents as a gift recently. It surprised me a bit and my nympho friends teased me that my in-laws knew me too well, but as it turns out I think it’s going to be a lot of fun!

It’s called Simply Romantic Nights and is put out by Family Life Today. The box contains a short booklet which explains the game and establishes a godly foundation for understanding their premise in approaching the game. As well, there are men’s and women’s sealed envelopes which is the main part of the game. In each envelope is a romantic, sexy date to experience together that will foster intimacy and romance. The husband and wife take turns planning the date for their spouse.

I will give you an example. The envelop I opened read “Come Away to the Caymans” For Simply Romantic Wives on the outside. Inside were instructions on recreating a tropical getaway in your bedroom, complete with ideas on how to build anticipation, a thematic recipe, ideas on how to set the stage using all five senses, and how to make the evening special. There are a total of 24 envelopes so depending on how often you use them it could be something fun to add in once a month or so and last for years. I noticed that the publishers have created a sequel as well which may be interesting to check out.

This game is going to be a nice thing we can use to spice up our date nights and allow us to do something creative together. I am looking forward to planning our tropical getaway and surprising my husband one night.

I would recommend this game for couples who like trying new things and want to add a new dynamic to their marriage bed. Not having actually tried it yet, I give Simply Romantic Nights 4 pepper hearts. Update will follow in the coming months as we work through some of the activities.


  1. I wanted to try and get the game mentioned but when I clicked on the link in the article the site said it was no longer availiable, anyone got any other ideas of where to get it?

  2. Thanx cinnamon sticks, I am in the uk but have just checked amazon uk and can get it from there, great.

  3. We bought this game a couple of years ago. We haven’t used all of our cards yet, but we’re getting close to the end! All I can say is that it may take you out of your “comfort zone” as a husband or wife, but if you “just do it”, the payoff is excellent!

    My favorite card that I opened for my wife was “Stick ‘Em Up”. We’ll each have memories of that day for the rest of our lives! 🙂

  4. looks cool…
    I could never IMAGINE my in-laws getting anything like this for us 🙂

    But then, hubby is the man that got ‘the talk’ for the first time from MY dad a few weeks before we got married, lol.
    poor dad was quite awkward……

  5. I’m putting this on my list of games to get. Thanks for the recommendation!

  6. I’ve been thinking about getting this as a bridal shower gift for my sister-in -law (to be). Do you think it’s appropriate ? Is this intended more for couples who have been married a while? I wanted to get her something more special than cookie sheets and spatulas:) and I was thinking along the romantic side of being married.Any other ideas would be great!

  7. Yes, it would work well as an engagement gift. I would probably sign the card something to the effect of “A gift to enjoy together when you return from your honeymoon.” Something like that.

  8. well, if you’re into giving books, I would recommend “intended for Pleasure” for a newlywed or newlywed-to-be.
    My husband was given it a week before our wedding, and we read some of it together on our honeymoon. We had no clue what we were doing (in fact, after the first time I was in a panic because IT HURT and I didn’t know it would hurt! I also had never heard the word ‘hymen’ before so we were both kinda clueless) so we appreciated it for a basic way to learn about a few techniques and to learn things about our own anatomy. Plus it’s written from a Godly perspective. I appreciated that the writer considered any sort of sexual ‘problem’ (things like a man’s premature ejaculation, wife’s struggle to orgasm, a man’s inability to maintain an erection, and even infertility) as a ‘couple issue’ rather than ‘his problem’ or ‘her problem’, and put as much importance on spiritual and emotional unity and affection as he did on sex.
    The book was very helpful to us, and I think it would be a good gift, if you’re comfortable giving someone a gift like that 🙂

    Oh, Another ‘romantic’ shower gift idea – wine glasses and wine or some sort of alchohol free champagne or sparkling grape juice (hubby is baptist and we were both underaged when we got married…) Pair that with gift card for a nicer restaurant that does take out – like olive garden! And perhaps even a nice tablecloth… Depending on what you want to spend.
    My aunt and uncle – who also loaned us their lakeside cabin for a week’s use for our honeymoon – gave us wine glasses, a candle, and fre champagne and the gift card, along with snacks for movie watching and sunscreen and beach towels – in a honeymooners tote bag. It was a blast and a HUGE blessing.
    An italian dinner by the lake with champagne and candles, with the most wonderful man ever. Sigh, that my friends, is heaven on earth..

    Anyways, we were inspired and our next two wedding gifts that we gave consisted of sparkling grape juice, two wine glasses, tealight candles, ice cream dishes, and a gift card to braum’s (we couldn’t quite afford gifts of olive garden).
    we called it a romantic date night in a bag 🙂

    you could also pack this sort of thing in a picnic basket, and add a picnic blanket…
    Just some ideas from a newlywed 🙂

  9. Just wondering if the ideas are mainly for setting the stage, or if there is stuff more like the CN position page/foreplay ideas, etc…

  10. It’s all about setting the stage and emotional foreplay. No suggestions on what to do sexually together. I just looked at one card and it was about having a fondue together so the foreplay suggestions are very mild like feed each other pieces of fruit or kiss with a strawberry between your teeth.

  11. Thanks! Looks like this will be on my wish list for the future. I was just hoping it might be “spicier”–which would put it closer to the top of my list.:-)

  12. We have this game too and it is more about positions and a bit spicier.

    There are drawings of the positions if that is an issue for anyone.

  13. New Here!! LOVE the site! It is helping me SO much! We have bought this, and I chose to do the first one… last night! IT WAS ONE OF THE MOST AMAZING NIGHTS!!! I recommend this for EVERY married couple. This has been the start of something great in our marriage.

  14. i just ordered this spicier game for my dh for valentines – i’m so excited, he’s going to love it!

  15. i game my husband the game last night and he loooooved it! we had so much fun playing it. it was well worth the 12 bucks i spent on it!

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