Perineal Massage for Him



Perineal massages usually go hand in hand when talking about pregnant women preparing for child birth.  The type of perineal massage I am referring to is one of my favorite sexual techniques that I use on my husband.  This is very simple technique and the payoff is huge.  I remember the first time I did it to my husband.  He thought I was some type of miracle worker.

First I will explain where the perineum is located.  It is a small, smooth patch of skin that starts right under his testicles and ends at his anus.  Some people like to refer to it as their “taint” because “it aint their balls and it aint their anus”.  Applying pressure on this patch will indirectly stimulate his prostate.  Try applying slight pressure in this area the next time you are giving oral or manual stimulation but be careful not to dig your nails into him.  You could even use your knuckle instead of your finger to rule out all accidental scratching. You can increase the pressure depending on what your husband his communicating to you.  Once your finger or knuckle is in position just move it back and forth from his scrotum to his anus.  As you are going back and forth apply pressure.  Once you have it down to a science you can incorporate it into your love making sessions as well.  I will warn you though, every once in awhile I do wish my arms were just a little bit longer.  My husband can usually tell what I am reaching for and he will move so that I am able to reach his sweet spot.  He’s thoughtful like that.  😉 



  1. I just did this to my husband yesterday. After I did it a few times while I was eh-hem pleasuring him with my mouth, he didn’t say anything but I can tell I was pushing on something because he let out a big moan mind you not a bad one. So afterward when he went into the shower I asked him what he thought and he was like at first it was weird but then he got used to it and liked it 😉 So it works

  2. Wow! My husband told me he is a spoiled brat after I did this! He loved it!

  3. I’ve got a question for someone … and pardon the elemental(ness) of it, but …. when you are performing oral on your hubby(ies) where do your eyes look?

  4. My husband is totally against this and wont even let me attempt it. I try not to press this on him but I am just interested in it. How can I ease him into this without making him upset?

  5. I am usually looking down because his favorite position for it is on his back in bed but I try to sneak in several attempts at eye contact during the course of the session ;). I say” try” because he most often has his eyes closed. I love the eyecontact but I also love seeing him so happy because of what I am doing.

    I just tried this with my knuckle for the first time this last week . He loves my tongue on his perineum and judging by his groans he sure like the knuckle treatment too. He gave me an A+ 😉

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