Position #13: The Sandwich


This is another variation of missionary. It’s a position that is fairly simple to explain and to show in pictures. You’ll either love it or hate it. I did not know what to call it, so I chose to call it The Sandwich, because it involves your husband folding you in half, or making a sandwich out of you 😀

You will need to start off in regular missionary position with your husband on top. When you are ready to switch, then have him pause in his thrusting so that you can reposition your legs. There are two main ways that you can achieve the sandwich. The first is where your husband will just reach down one arm at a time, and hook them under your legs, so that your legs will now be hanging over your husband’s arms. This is the easier way to do it. Here is a link to a computer-generated picture of it.

The next way to do the sandwich is where you raise your legs up and put them over your husband’s shoulders. You will need to be more flexible to achieve this position. It angles your vagina up, thus allowing for very deep penetration. Cosmo has a short article on this position, complete with a picture!

Pros: This position allows for deep penetration. It is an excellent position to use for those men who are less endowed. It is erotic and does allow for kissing.

Cons: If your husband is very endowed, then this position has the potential to hurt you because of the depth achieved. (Just ask him to go slowly until you know how your body will react to this.) This position also calls for you (the wife) to be limber and flexible.

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