The Male “G-Spot”


All males have a special area that can intensify their orgasm when massaged. It’s called their prostate and it is located in their rectum. A prostate massage coupled with either a hand job or oral sex can increase the intensity of a man’s orgasms. It is a very vulnerable area for most men so be sure to approach this with as much love and support as you possibly can. Many men associate pleasure in this area with homosexuality and it just is not the case. If your husband can push his boundaries in this area I think he will be pleasantly surprised.

First make sure the area is extra clean, your nails are trimmed and you have plenty of lubrication on hand. Personally, I recommend Anal Eze, coconut oil, or KY. When you first get started do not just dive in and go straight for the anus. Use your mouth or hand to get him erect first. Pay attention to his testicles and it doesn’t hurt to have your hand wander down to his perineum grazing his buttocks from time to time. Either you will have a great communicator on your hands (literally) and he will ask you to apply more pressure or you can read his moans/body language to know whether or not to apply more pressure on his anus. Have him either bend his legs up while laying on his back or get on his hands and knees to give you ample access to his anus.

Now you are ready to enter. Get your finger lubed up and gradually insert your finger into his anus. You need to get it in past the second knuckle to reach this spot. If you are squeamish about inserting your finger into his anus you could always try using a finger cot or a rubber glove. Slowly ease one knuckle at a time. Once your finger is inserted all the way you can do a press/release come hither motion towards the front of his rectum which is towards his perineum. You should be able to locate a walnut sized knot. Here is a diagram of where the prostate is located. This massage forces liquid out of the prostate through the urethra so it is very common to see some ejaculate but if you don’t see any don’t worry and do not press harder!!! Keep using your hand or mouth to stimulate his penis for the best result. Try varying amounts of pressure on his prostate but don’t go too vigorously unless he directs you to do so. Massage up one side of the gland and down the other. His ejaculate may come out with a much greater force then you are used to so you may opt to using you hand to stimulate his penis, rather then your mouth, until you know what to expect.

Prostate massages are known to have a major health benefit. This massage keeps the seminal fluid moving. If this fluid is stagnant bacteria can form causing swelling. If swelling occurs the sacs can become blocked causing urinary or sexual problems. The massage gets the fluid moving and helps circulate new blood. If your husband his dealing with prostate pain or impotence then I highly recommend trying this technique.

Remember he is going to feel extremely vulnerable. You don’t want him to have flashbacks to a rectal exam that he’s had in a doctor’s office. Go slowly and keep those lines of communication open about what feels good. He needs to be fully relaxed. This could be a wonderful bonding experience for the two of you. If he does enjoy this type of play you may want to look into getting a toy such as the aneros prostate stimulator. If he is not comfortable with penetration then try stimulating his prostate indirectly by massaging his perineum.


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