Female Ejaculation

Female ejaculation (FE for short) occurs when a clear, watery fluid is expelled through the urethra. (Not the vagina.) Although the fluid does pass through the urethra, it is not urine. This fluid seems to be made up of some of the same substances/vitamins/proteins that make up seminal fluid. Surprised?

It is believed that these fluids are produced in the female prostate. Yes, you read that right. It’s actually the paraurethral glands, but many people refer to them as simply the female prostate (plus it’s easier to say and spell). Although this topic still has differing opinions, many researchers say that these glands (female prostate) fill with fluid when a woman becomes sexually aroused. From what I’ve read, the paraurethral glands are located near the G-spot, along the wall near the urethra.

I have read that clitoral stimulation actually can be key in female ejaculation. Remember my article on the clitoris? How large it is? Well, it is believed by many that the more clitoral stimulation a woman gets, the more aroused she will become, thus increasing the amount of fluid built up in the female prostate. Stimulation of the G-spot also helps increase the amount of fluid, since the G-spot is right next to the paraurethral glands. That fluid can be expelled several ways.

Sometimes the fluid builds up to the point where it just starts seeping out. It overflows and mixes with vaginal secretions and artificial lubes (if they are being used). When this happens, you and your husband may not even notice. Many times though, that large wet spot on the bed afterwards may indeed be secretions from you instead of your husband!

Other times the fluid builds up until the point of climax. Once orgasm hits, the muscle contractions help to expel the fluid. When you are making love this may easily go unnoticed by you both. However, if you have increased your arousal and then decide to experience orgasm by other means, like oral sex, it is possible that your husband will see or notice your ejaculation.

The amount of fluid can vary from just a couple drops to a few ounces, and yes, it is safe to ingest it. If your body lets the fluids seep out a little, then you may not have much in the way of an ejaculation. And just because you experience FE once, does not mean you will or should do it every time. Every woman’s body is different and there are different kinds of orgasms. The same is said for FE. I also know several women who say that they experience FE without orgasm at all.

This is a totally normal and natural part of sexual intercourse for some women. In my next article, I’ll talk about what you need to know if you are trying to learn to do this yourself.

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