Q: Question: What about deep throating?……

Q: Question: What about deep throating? What if I can’t do it for my husband? Does that mean I’m not as good of a lover?

This is a question that was received in our ‘Got Questions’ mail box. Many people seem to put a lot of stock in oral sex. To be honest I think your husband would be thrilled just to see you attempt to put your mouth on his penis without worrying if you can deep throat. He wants you to enjoy this too. There are so many techniques out there that don’t require you to consume the entire penis. Before you begin you can tell him that you want feedback on what feels good and what he could do without. That way you aren’t left wondering if he got anything out of it when you are done.

If you want to read about how to do it in depth take a look at Advanced Oral Techniques. If this technique doesn’t work for you then don’t worry about it. We all have our own special talents in the bedroom. Do what makes you and your husband comfortable. The ability to ‘deep throat’ has nothing to do with whether you are a good lover or not. I’m am sure that you are able to bless him in so many other ways.

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