Can I Learn To Ejaculate?

It has been said that women can indeed learn to ejaculate. I’m not exactly sure if I believe this is true of all women, but I see no harm in trying to learn how if you want to. (This is a continuation of my article on the basics of female ejaculation.) Here are the things to keep in mind if you are trying to learn to ejaculate.

Practice your Kegel exercises. You will need to have good control of your pelvic muscles to learn how to let go and relax them when it’s time to.

Make sure that you empty your bladder. You will probably experience the feeling of needing to go urinate as the fluid, and arousal, is building up. If you go to the bathroom beforehand then it will be easier for you to let go without fear of it being urine.

Spend some time becoming aroused. If you are trying this alone, then use your fingers or toys to give yourself plenty of clitoral and G-spot stimulation. You will also need a mirror. You may want to try a special G-spot vibrator. Do not make it a rush job. If your husband is helping you, then have him give you oral sex, and finger your G-spot at the same time. The more stimulation you get and the more aroused you become means more fluid is building up.

When you feel like it is building up and you are going to pee, relax your pelvic muscles and let go! Some women even say they take it a step further and actually push out as if they are urinating. This is where ejaculation will take place. Don’t expect a huge gush of fluid to go shooting across the room though. Most times it’s only a few drops to a teaspoon amount, and it doesn’t necessarily always make a dramatic squirt. You or your husband may only notice fluid suddenly seeping out and running down your thigh.

It is possible for FE to occur without orgasm. Many women have reported that they indeed will ejaculate before orgasm happens. It may be that their paraurethral glands are so full that they need to release the fluids before the contractions of the vaginal muscles begin.

Tasting your ejaculate will not harm you or your husband. A woman’s ejaculate is made up of several nutrients and proteins, many of which are also found in men’s ejaculate. Things such as glucose, potassium, sodium, and chloride are found, as well as a specific enzyme and protein that are made in the prostate itself. None of these things are harmful if swallowed, so you and your husband should go ahead and taste it if you’d like.

Some women just have issues getting past the feeling of “I’m going to pee!” If this is you then maybe you could try this in the shower first. Another idea would be to throw an extra blanket or a couple of towels on top of your bed, just in case. Then just tell yourself that even if you were to urinate a little, it’s okay! Towels and blankets can be washed!

This is something that may take a deal of practice. You may want to try this during different times in your cycle too, as your body may respond differently. Don’t get discouraged if you aren’t able to learn how to do this. Some women are still trying to learn how to orgasm. It may happen unexpectedly when you are least expecting it.   And I am still not totally convinced that all women are able to do this anyway.  One cool thing is that at least you will have fun practicing!

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