Spice Test

We have found a ‘spice test’ that we find amazingly accurate. Just answer five short multiple choice questions and they tell you what type of personality you have. It’s easy, quick and fun to see if it matches how you see yourself. Feel free to share your results!!

What Spice Are You?


  1. So not quite as cute as “cinnamon” or “peppermint” or “nutmeg” …..I got GARLIC!!!! But I suppose the description did match. Oh, well!

  2. Garlic was a great one to get!!!!

    You Are Garlic

    Of all the spice types, you are the most universally loved.
    You get along with pretty much everyone, and you leave a lasting impression.
    You adapt yourself well to situations. You can fit in or stand out, depending on what you’re called on to do.

    Sugar and Spice was garlic too. You are in good company!! 8)

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