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Okay, show of hands…. How many of you have ever tasted yourself on purpose? Come on, it’s just me here, you can tell the truth! 😉 Of course there is a natural curiosity, and there is no shame in that. I do have a couple of friends though; who think this topic is gross and nasty. I really don’t understand why it seems so taboo to them. My own taste reminds me of a freshly fallen summer rain, mixed with flesh. (I told my husband that and he laughed at me. Said it sounded like something a girl would say. 🙄 ) I will attempt to point out some advantages to acquiring a taste for yourself.

One complaint I have heard from women is: “I don’t like to kiss my husband after he has given me oral sex because I can taste myself on him.” I say that your husband has done a wonderful thing for you. He has given you immense pleasure. He has had his mouth and tongue on you down there. When he comes up to kiss you afterwards, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to kiss him without worrying about the taste? Of course you can have a hand towel there for him to wipe his face off with if you must, but it is so nice to be able to just kiss the man!

Something else to consider is being able to give your husband oral sex, after he has been inside of you. The fact that you would be willing to do that, and lick your own juices off of him, could be a major turn on. Imagine making love, and during a position change you take him into your mouth and tell him how much you love tasting yourself on him. What would his reaction be?

Another good thing about learning to like your own taste is that you can use that when you masturbate for your husband! Can you imagine giving your husband a show, and then being able to lick or suck your own fingers afterward?   The fact that there is no “yuck” factor will make it sensual and erotic for him.

Accepting your own taste and becoming comfortable with it will give you a little more freedom in the bedroom. It will allow you to do things that you previously would not have done. There is nothing gross or nasty about this. Your husband tastes you, right? So what is the difference in you tasting yourself?

The point of this article is to try and get you to think outside of the box. I’m trying to encourage you to try something new. For those of you who have tried this and just do not like it at all, then I commend you for at least giving it a shot! You are not going to like every new thing you try, but being open to trying new things like this with your husband is a wonderful attitude to have.

Stay tuned for a continuation of this article next week. We have received a question from a couple that relates to this topic, and I will attempt to write out my thoughts on men tasting themselves!


  1. Cumingirl, you inspired me. Not to get too detailed, but I was one of those women who refused to kiss her hubby after he performed oral sex because I hated tasting “me” on him. Unfortunately, he loves performing oral on me and my response was causing him to do so less because of the limits on kissing.

    I finally got brave enough to actually taste myself and analyze things. Okay, I still don’t care for the taste of me, but I realized that I really don’t hate it like I thought. My reaction was mainly disgust at the concept. I haven’t changed much, but we can now kiss after oral – and I recently gave him oral after vaginal penetration and he enjoyed thinking about me licking my juices off of him. Just as you said!!


  2. WOO HOO!! I love hearing success stories! It’s okay that it isn’t on your top 10 list of favorite tastes. At least you were willing to TRY and grow out from your comfort zone a bit! You should be proud of yourself!

  3. If I said that I liked my own juices, I cannot imagine my husband enjoying that. He would be grossed out. I do give oral after he penetrates me and I do not mind my taste. It’s actually a turn on but I cannot imagine my husband being turned on by me saying that.

  4. Oh my Goodness! Ask him! I did and my husband got hard at the mere mention of me doing that. He told me that it was a fantasy of his. I NEVER knew. I still have a hard time just tasting myself but on him it is another story completely! I’ll lap it up in a heartbeat! Knowing where his penis just was, deep inside me coated with both our juices – oh My GOODNESS it is soooooo much fun watching his eyes roll back in his head when I do down on him after he has been in me. It’s us, our sex, our sex mixture, it is something you cannot experience anywhere else in the world, completely unique to you and your mate. What is really interesting is that the more I do this the more I get into it and I now enjoy tasting myself. I know I already said I have a hard time tasting myself, that is true, you know reaching down and doing it just to do it, but for him oh my goodness YES – his eyes bulge, he gets on the edge of his seat, he gets rock hard – lol. You get the picture. And the actual taste is more pleasing, I get into it sometimes. By myself I still feel odd even though I do to make certain I am okay for him when he gets home. 😉

  5. Thanks so much for this! I’ve always done but didn’t enjoy it. I let go and enjoyed. Then told hubby how much I enjoyed it. This site is exactly what I have needed!

  6. I don’t taste myself. On our 20th anniversary with the influence of a few drinks I did give oral to my DH after he entered me and I did kiss him after I let him go down on me for a short time but I don’t normally do this because of the taste and smell. I know he enjoyed it because he kept going from my [labia] to my mouth with his member and I would clean it up everytime over and over again. How do I get past this mind set? I am sure it would blow his mind if I just started using my fingers to masterbate (which i don’t use) and then suck my own juice off them in front of him but I seem to be stuck.

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