Position #16:The Spring

This position is something that evolved for my husband and I from a basic “Cowgirl/WOT” position.  Let’s get into position first.  Have your husband lay on his back while you get on top of him with one knee on each side.  Instead holding your weight on your knees, like a typical “cowgirl” position, put each foot flat on the bed.  Now you are ready to go.  You will need to get leverage so you can do a variety of things to do just that.  You can simply put your hands on your husband’s chest, clasp hands with him or hold onto the headboard. I have had the most success holding onto the headboard because my arms can help me move when my legs start getting sore.   Make sure your clitoris gets stimulation from either a vibe or fingers. (If you are holding onto the headboard you can still get leverage with one hand.)  Now bounce up and down like a spring.  The two of you can determine how ‘bouncy’ you want to be.


Pros: ~Gives your husband a different type of sensation.

         ~Easy clitoral access for vibe.

         ~Great visual for your hubby.

         ~Allows for you to go all the way up the shaft to the head of the penis.

         ~May cause sore thighs the next day which will remind you of the amazing session you had with your hunk. 


Cons: ~No natural stimulation for your clitoris like WOT usually provides.

          ~ May cause sore thighs the next day which will remind you of the amazing session you had with your hunk.  (Honestly, this is more of a pro then a con in my book.  I love reminders.  😉 )


  1. We received a question inquiring if a condom could be used in this position.

    The short answer is, yes. Especially because the woman can “spring” up and down focusing on the head of the penis. Condoms usually come off due to the bottom ring of the condom entering the wife. Make sure that ring is all the way down to the base of the penis. If it’s still slipping off the condom is likely to be too small. Remember, after a man comes he will lose his erection so the condom should be held in place with his hand.

  2. Love it!! Great comment PG about the sore thighs being a great reminder. The lap dance is good for this also, another fave 🙂
    My DH will always tease when I say I’m gonna be sore tomorrow. He says “that’s a good thing right”
    For some reason whenever I orgasm standing up my thighs get sore the next day too.

  3. BEST position EVER. My DH & I both enjoyed this one both for its intimate position and the maneuverability. Sore thighs were a very good reminder…

  4. This is the position most used at our house! We like variety, but seem to go back to this one often.

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