Monday’s Mission #8

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to recreate your first date that you had with your (future) spouse.  There are many firsts in our lives and most of them can not be redone, but something like this seems worth the effort. It’s often fun to reminisce about what brought us to where we are today.   So… think back.   Remember the time, the season, the place(s) you went, the conversation you had, the food that you ate, the clothes that you wore on your initial tryst.  If you kept a journal, perhaps you can find a passage where you wrote about your special time.  You might even want to plan this out with your spouse so you can sit and recollect together.  (That could be another romantic rendezvous in and of its self!)   It’s okay if everything isn’t exact because most of us will probably need to make some kind of adjustments due to different locations or other difficulties.

Have fun meandering down memory lane.  We’d love to hear about your dates!

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