Q&A: Can Men Taste Themselves Too?

We recently got an email from a couple that was discussing oral sex. The husband wanted the wife to allow him to finish in her mouth. During the discussion the wife mentioned him tasting it himself first and so they wrote in asking: “Have you heard of husbands eating their own semen during love making with their wives?”

The short answer is yes.

I believe it is a common thing to wonder about your own taste. It doesn’t matter if you are male or female. In my last article I talked about the advantages for women who like their own taste. In my opinion, men who like the taste of their own semen have some advantages as well.

If a man is comfortable with his own taste, then kissing his wife, after she has given him oral sex to completion and swallowed, will not bother him. Some husbands would rather not kiss their wives after she has had his semen in her mouth. I know this because my husband is one of them. After I drink him down, I avoid kissing him because I know it makes him uncomfortable, unless I brush my teeth or grab an altoid. 😆 So in my house, this would be a nice advantage!

Another positive would again be linked to oral sex. When you two are making love, and he finishes first, inside you, before you are able to orgasm, is that it? If your husband does not mind his own taste, then he would have no problem going down and giving you oral sex to help you get your orgasm. Yes, I realize this involves a “cream pie,” as my husband says, but if your husband doesn’t mind his own taste then this will be a non-issue for you!

Some couples are into another practice known as Snowballing. This is when the wife gives oral sex and saves the semen in her mouth. Then she kisses her husband and shares the semen with him. Although some couples may see this practice as unappealing or unusual, it certainly isn’t sinful. This is just one of those things that falls into personal preferences.

Many couples like to see where the semen goes during sex. This involves the man ejaculating either on himself or on his wife. For the man who doesn’t mind his own taste, clean up should be a breeze! Although it’s not practiced in my house, I do know of other couples where the man will lick his own ejaculate off his wife to clean her up afterward!

So yes, husbands can and do sometimes taste and/or eat their own ejaculate during sex.  If you do have a husband who is comfortable enough to do some of these things, then just know that it’s perfectly normal. There is nothing wrong with you two enjoying all of each other’s bodies, including your own.

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