Q&A: Can Men Taste Themselves Too?

We recently got an email from a couple that was discussing oral sex. The husband wanted the wife to allow him to finish in her mouth. During the discussion the wife mentioned him tasting it himself first and so they wrote in asking: “Have you heard of husbands eating their own semen during love making with their wives?”

The short answer is yes.

I believe it is a common thing to wonder about your own taste. It doesn’t matter if you are male or female. In my last article I talked about the advantages for women who like their own taste. In my opinion, men who like the taste of their own semen have some advantages as well.

If a man is comfortable with his own taste, then kissing his wife, after she has given him oral sex to completion and swallowed, will not bother him. Some husbands would rather not kiss their wives after she has had his semen in her mouth. I know this because my husband is one of them. After I drink him down, I avoid kissing him because I know it makes him uncomfortable, unless I brush my teeth or grab an altoid. 😆 So in my house, this would be a nice advantage!

Another positive would again be linked to oral sex. When you two are making love, and he finishes first, inside you, before you are able to orgasm, is that it? If your husband does not mind his own taste, then he would have no problem going down and giving you oral sex to help you get your orgasm. Yes, I realize this involves a “cream pie,” as my husband says, but if your husband doesn’t mind his own taste then this will be a non-issue for you!

Some couples are into another practice known as Snowballing. This is when the wife gives oral sex and saves the semen in her mouth. Then she kisses her husband and shares the semen with him. Although some couples may see this practice as unappealing or unusual, it certainly isn’t sinful. This is just one of those things that falls into personal preferences.

Many couples like to see where the semen goes during sex. This involves the man ejaculating either on himself or on his wife. For the man who doesn’t mind his own taste, clean up should be a breeze! Although it’s not practiced in my house, I do know of other couples where the man will lick his own ejaculate off his wife to clean her up afterward!

So yes, husbands can and do sometimes taste and/or eat their own ejaculate during sex.  If you do have a husband who is comfortable enough to do some of these things, then just know that it’s perfectly normal. There is nothing wrong with you two enjoying all of each other’s bodies, including your own.


  1. I absolutely loved your article. My husband and I have been sharing his cum for the past ten years or so. It started as an innocent joke years ago when he came on me. I told him that he needed to clean it off. When he went for a towel, I said, “no way, you have to lick it off”. Well, to my surprise and joy, he did. Since then it has been somewhat of a regular event when he comes on me to then lick it all off. He loves it, and so do I. I think we all need to be open to enjoying our marriage partner’s bodies more.

    Love, Lora

  2. Thanks for the comment, Lora! My husband isn’t as open to tasting his own stuff, lol. It sounds like you and your husband have a healthy attitude towards sex, and that’s wonderful! God bless you both.

  3. cumingirl,
    The best part of your article is that you tell us that your husband is just not into it! Neither is mine! Sometimes when I’m reading these sorts of forums, I feel as though with all other couples, it’s an “everything goes” attitude. Can I just say it’s good to hear that not everyone likes to do everything?? And that’s ok too!

  4. Hi Gingercookie! You are so right. Everyone doesn’t have to like everything. You should have seen the look on my husband’s face when I asked him if I could give him a prostate massage 😯 I told him it was for “research purposes!” But he still said no and I think he hid from me for a couple of days afterwards 😆

  5. That is very humorous Cumingirl! My husband is like yours………..he’s adventurous about some things, but if it’s turning into a medical procedure or a culinary experience in the bedrooom, he’ll say “no thank you!” And I’m happy that he’s honest about it!

  6. My husband is not adverse to it or the flavor, he just does not enjoy the cloying stickiness of it. He much prefers if I wash my mouth before kissing him, but he won’t stop me from kissing him afterwards. He is really fair and if he does it in my mouth, he doesn’t feel it is fair to demand that I not kiss him afterwards. Same as when we make love and he finishes in me. He doesn’t demand I clean everything up before he goes down on me, just as if he we’re making love and stop and he finishes in my mouth, I don’t wash him off or freak out about it. I think we both prefer to have lovemaking our last activity, mind you, so that we can clean up afterwards when we’re done…

  7. I dont know if my husband likes it or not but i would love to try and taste his semen
    But tasting and swallowing are 2 diff things 😉
    What if I dont like it ?? I dont need to swallow do I?

    we have been together for almost 20 years and our sexlife was down to once a month but since i found this website.. I am really really enjoying my husband… lol
    He is so confused about what has happend to me for being so open about everything.
    But he enjoys it too 🙂
    Anyway… thanks a lot for this website and all the advice.

    God bless

  8. You two can enjoy whatever you both like. Be set on blessing one another and enjoy the fruit of that.

    By the way, all the CN girls recognize that deer in the headlights look on our husbands because we’ve all had that awakening that had them shaking their heads.
    Happy, but confused none-the-less. 🙂

  9. Maybe…lol

  10. We enjoy this at times. My wife was surprised she found it arousing. It is especially intimate if done while edging. Just at the brink of ejaculation, grip the penis firmly for a moment, allows some ejaculation but no orgasm. Then I don’t lose my arousal and can easily follow through on cleaning her up. Very intimate.

  11. I have done it several times. The precum is pretty sweet tasting. To me, the semen has no taste; it just feels like swallowing snot. The only drawback, that I found, is that my throat sometimes gets sore a day or so afterwards.

    Another thing to be aware of…guys might get turned on by the thought of tasting their own stuff, but once they ejaculate, they lose the desire to do it. It’s kinda weird; are we grossed-out by our own stuff after orgasm?

  12. I think that just goes along with arousal before ejaculation being very high, and then after ejaculation the arousal level goes down and so the thoughts of doing many things (such as tasting it) lessen. As a woman I have experienced this as well, but with other things. Before climax I really want to do “_____” but then after I orgasm the desire to do “_______” isn’t as strong.

  13. I recently wrote a post in the Facials Article and which led to another person’s comment about snowballing. Never heard that term before – looked it up and WOW! My husband is ALL about the open wanting mouth and outstretched tongue on my part. He appreciates me acting like I want it. I would love to have it happen more often and openly, up till now it has sort of happened here and there in the heat of the moment. Just as David and Cumingirl mentioned, the hotter we get the more likely we are to do ANYthing! I would to overcome that barrier and both of us be able to go for or ask the other to go for ANYthing at any time. You know how it is, sometimes I might be more aroused than he and want something he is not turned on enough for yet.

    More specifically about “snowballing,” I could seriously get into this since we both love kissing so much. We have had our best kisses thus far after he has gone down on me. I’d love to kiss him with a mouthful, bet it would be intensely HOT! As long as he is turned on enough it could happen but as I mentioned how does one get over that hump and be able to do it anyway when one is not so aroused? Any ideas?

  14. I honestly never thought about NOT kissing him after OS. It never even entered my mind until . . . I was talking sex with a girlfriend of mine and she mentioned somthing about her husband giving her a kiss on her forward after a BJ. He refused to kiss her afterwards. I was shocked!

  15. That’s just wrong…opps that just slipped out. I know it is all about “to be a blessing,” I tink this is where communication, discussing it, and working through it come into play. My thinking is how rude and selfish but there might be other issues at work here. Hope they get through it.

  16. I don’t think there is anything necessarily wrong with a couple if he doesn’t want to kiss his wife after OS. My husband and I don’t care to kiss eachother after OS unless we haven’t climaxed yet. After climax, he doesn’t want me to kiss him and I don’t want him to kiss me either! I guess we’ve both had our fill by then! lol I think it’s all about personal prefrences with any act surrounding our sex lives.

  17. LOL@hubby hiding from you. Reminded me of a cat I had many years ago. We had, for some reason, to give her a bath. It took her days to get over it! Your poor hubby. He was nearly like the pussy who had a bath!

  18. Well time has gone by and things certainly have opened up in our sex lives. We have been on quite a roll as of late. With regards to my husband tasting himself – well let’s say… it has become a BIG fav of mine now! He has gotten to where he loves to do it all over me all the time and the reverse has occurred for me as well. I love for him to do it all over him all the time. Over the past year we have had more fun playing with his cum than just about anything. Both of us are enjoying getting to play more freely without inhibitions, it has been quite liberating. I lick it off where I can reach and he licks it off where he can reach. The kissing is AMAZING!!! I feel like a young teenybopper as much as we kiss – lol – I actually got my first case of chapped lips in years and in an odd way it was nice. One thing I have noticed is that cum is a lot more pleasant after it has been sprayed all over one of us and then we lick it up, and for certain more pleasant when kissing together with it. Honestly, my favorite is getting to tell or direct my husband to do it and watching him perform for me. I simply have not been able to get enough of this and we do this quite a lot. A great side effect has been all the extra play gives the other areas of my body more time to recover for additional fun. 🙂

  19. Yet ANOTHER marriage saver!!! Along with loads of self mb watching my husband openly do this has been a sex safer in our relationship. As mentioned, we have been traveling in separate directions with our work and sexual creativity via video, text, emails, chatting, had kept us connected sexually – whew! I am big into masturbating myself when we are apart and having inspiration like watching my man really gets my fire heated extra HOT! I LOOOOOve this man so much. He does so much for me! I am so glad the season is almost over and we will be slowing down and able to spemd more time together. We have a lot of time to make up – wahoooo! Look out holidays – santa’s helper is going to be helping herself to some serious man candy this year!

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