Position #17: The Sidewinder

This is a simple position for giving oral sex.

1.  Your husband kneels on a surface of your choosing or he may stand if the surface is elevated.  (Your bed will probably be the most comfortable for the both of you.)

2.  You lie on your side, propping your head on your hand or on pillows.

3.  You then proceed to give OS to your hubby.  (Head on over to our Oral Sex category if you need some tips!)

Pros:  By using The Sidewinder position, your husband has his hands free to access any part of your body as well as full visual stimulus of your body and what you’re doing to his penis.  You may also use your free hand to caress your spouse’s body or touch yourself.  Also, this is an easy position for your hubby to gently thrust while receiving oral sex.

Cons:  Your husband may get weak in the knees after you’re done with him!

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  • May 2008
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