Monday’s Mission #9

Your mission this week is to flash your husband. Try to do it some time when he will not be expecting it. You can flash him your breasts when he walks into the kitchen for dinner, or you could wear a skirt with no panties and flash him when you pass each other on the stairs! Use your imagination and come up with the perfect flash that will surprise your man!


  1. I like this mission because it’s easy, fun & you can do it almost anywhere! I usually wear a short silk robe over my summertime pj’s when I walk around the house in the evening. A few times, after the kids have gone to bed, I’ve taken the pj’s off and surprised my husband by flashing him, showing him that there’s nothing under the robe now! He loves that!

  2. 9 weeks ago I decided to take on the Monday missions. Let me just say that it has been awesome. My husband looks forward to it every week and so do I. This weeks mission, to flash my husband, I took as a personal challenge to get out of my comfort zone. I picked up my husband for lunch wearing nothing but a zip up hoody and a pair of running pants, and I mean nothing. We went to a quiet park, layed out our blanket, and as we enjoyed our lunch, I gradually lowered the zipper on my sweatshirt. I kept my sweatshirt on in case a quick cover up was needed, but was able to show einough to tantalize my husband. Between the feel of the sun beating down on us, and my husbands eyes on my chest, I was in heaven. We enjoyed a leisurely lunch of ksising and fondling. What a great appetizer for tonights activities.

  3. making a picnic lunch for my H next week and you have just inspired me to follow in your footsteps with this one. I am often naked at home so it is no big deal for me to flash him there but am thinking of a short skirt w/o panties and top that buttons up…and down. Thanks for the idea!

  4. Hey, tommygirl, your idea of an outfit is perfect for a striptease! 😉

  5. haha, I have been looking for an opportunity to complete this mission for WEEKS! Last week my H and I were out of town and we went out to dinner. I did not wear panties and as we were going up the escalator @ the mall…it was late and though there were people in front of us there was no one behind…I flashed a little fanny. Very fun!

    Ari-Chan…the outfit remains unworn…It has been too hot for a picnic but I hear we are having a cool down so maybe I’ll get to put my plan into action after all. 😉

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