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Question: I have bumps all over my skin after I shave and I don’t know how to get rid of them. Any ideas? Please keep in mind that I am of African descent.

First of all kudos to you for going out of your way to please your husband this way.  I don’t think it’s unusual for some women to have very sensitive skin in that area.  I think it might be even more common among people of African descent.  I’ve known men who had to wear a beard because of a very pronounced razor stubble that resulted from shaving.

I find it helpful to keep the area well moisturized.  Use a moisturizing shaving cream or gel, or even hair conditioner when you shave.  Also, be sure to moisturize well after shaving.  I like to use coconut oil after I shave any part of my body.  I find that this helps to keep the skin nice and soft, and I don’t have any bumps as a result.

If you do these things and still have bumps or rashes, I’d say it’s time to stop.  Even if you can’t shave comfortably, you could give yourself a very close trim with a pair of small scissors.

I hope this helps!


  1. I had that problem when I first started shaving too. I found that using a good moisturizer after I shave and making sure I used a new razor blade helped. Also if you just started give it a little while. It took me a few weeks to get my body used to it before it stopped being itchy for me. Hope that helped and good luck.

  2. I also deal with bumps after shaving. Some thing that helps me is to apply Bikini Zone Medicated After-Shave Gel right after I towel off and for a few days afterward. And I’ve also learned that I can not shave my extra sensitive areas more than once a week, otherwise all the gels, creams, moisturizers and new razors in the world won’t help me.

    I guess the important thing is to find out what works for you!

  3. I have really sensitive skin and am alergic to glycerin. We didn’t figure this out till I was in my 20’s. I have found that using sugar wax is helpful. also to shave with cold water.
    Taking an omega 3 oil tab has helped to keep my skin from being so irritated.The other big thing I’ve found is drinking double the usual amt of water a few hours befor I shave.

  4. What about shaving? Do you think it’s an accepted practice? I love sex when I’m shaven but always worry about my yearly gyno visit. Is this a common thing for women to do?

  5. It is a very common thing and I’m sure your dr wouldn’t give it a second thought. Here is an article that Cumingirl wrote on pubic shaving.

    click here

  6. Thanks I guess it’s very common! What about men shaving? Maybe around the base of the penis?

  7. It is common too.
    Doctors see all kinds of things.
    I just went in for my annual check up and the doctor said that she never thinks badly of anything, even though when she is on my end of the table she has similar hesitations.

  8. I started waxing years ago because because I couldn’t stand the ingrown hairs I would get from shaving and the rash not to mention how itchy I would be. I started with “Just the bikini leg area. No more! (I would say!)” Over the years it’s become more and more, and now my DH helps me by waxing the harder to reach areas for me. He also has started waxing because he is prone to ingrown hairs and heat rash on his scrotum. We are both enjoying the smoothness of no hair! (Not to mention the visual!) 🙂

    Thank you for this website. I stumbled upon it by accident, just as I was beginning to experience an awakening. For both my DH and I , I hope this awakening is permanent! I appreciate the openness and frankness here. No subject (that I’m aware of yet) is taboo on this site. Thanks!!!! Keep up the good work!

  9. doctors do not think anything about shaving your pubic hair.

    i have a very good friend, very catholic — even more than me lol , who is a doctor. the stuff they see … eeek!!!

    shaved pubic hair? they should be so lucky.

    they deal with every imaginable std known to mankind on a daily basis. do not be ashamed of having sex with your husband. that is the one person you are allowed to have sex with!!!!

  10. I get bumps even shaving my bikini like. Now I use Brandi’s Amazing Pubic Hair remover to remove pubic hair, and I don’t get any bumps. You can buy it from ebay.

  11. I’ve found that conditioner (just some cheap stuff!) and HOT water to rinse my razor with work better than any expensive shaving gel – no bumps for me anymore (as long as I don’t stretch a razor too long, but that varies).
    OH, if it’s cold in the bathroom when I shave I will get bumps, so that is a HUGE no-no 🙂

  12. I started to shave about two weeks ago! I loved the conditioner so much that now I use it on my legs as well! I had problems with itchy dry skin. I no longer have that problem! Thanks for a great idea!

  13. My hair is course and my skin is sensative and thinner (after pregnancey stretching it) , so It is helpful for me to shave in the dirrection the hair grows rather than against it. I’m not able to get as close, but it keeps me from breaking out. Also I dont shave every day because I have found it to be too uncomfortable. Instead, I wait at least a day in between and the coconut oil helps to keep the skin and hair folicle conditioned which then gives me a smoother shave. 🙂

  14. tip from a friend who is a stripper, use a really good razor like a mach 3.
    hair conditioner works very well. after you are finished shaving and dried
    off use deodorant on the area. also as you continue to shave there should be
    less iritation

  15. I’ve been trying to stay shaved because my husband likes it, but I’m really self-conscious about stubble between shaves and that I might be too “scratchy”, especially since I love being able to grind… but if I shave too frequently then I get razor burn. That was the nice thing about waxing, when I’ve tried it, that it lasts longer and grows in soft and fine- but I got “razor burn” from that too, and shaving is easier. How often do y’all shave with these suggestions? Every day?

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