Book Review: Red-Hot Monogamy

It’s always an adventure to look for something new to bring a couple even closer together. So, I was thinking… why not get another book about intimacy, so we can learn even more about one another?  After searching through Amazon to find something that I thought that we might enjoy, we took a quick trip to our local Border’s book store to get a hands on look.  I quickly looked at the chapter titles, read the forward, skimmed a few chapters, shared some tidbits with my husband and then decided this would be a great investment for our relationship.  Soon after, I ordered it from Amazon and we dove right into our latest journey together. The second couple’s book we obtained and the one that has had the most impact on our marriage has been Red-Hot Monogamy by Bill and Pam Farrell.

Red-Hot Monogamy is a book that covers all the bases so that it will be helpful to young newly-weds, those middle-aged with children and those who are enjoying their twilight years. One of the things that I love about this read is that it’s meant to do jointly.  These Christian authors even ask for the readers to make an eight week commitment to stay the course of the book.  But, it’s also great because they do acknowledge that not all couples may be willing or able to go through something like this and the one who can participate is encouraged to do so.

Each chapter is geared toward a specific topic on how to make your marriage and sex life sizzle.  At the end of each chapter is “home work”.  Now, don’t get all anxiety ridden thinking back to your days of school!  Most of the homework is very fun and all of it is thought provoking, promoting the art of conversation and discussion between you and your spouse.  Red-Hot Monogamy is full of practical ideas for romance as well as sensible advice for dealing with very serious issues that occasionally happen in your marriage.  And it’s an added bonus to get both the male and female perspectives on different subjects.  Not only do the Farrell’s give their viewpoints, but the book is sprinkled with stories from other contributors and is enveloped with ideas that are scripturally grounded.

Not only is Red-Hot Monogamy good for an eight week period, the lessons learned by reading this book will last a lifetime.  I also foresee us revisiting this book in the future… reminiscing about old discussions as well as initiating new dialogue.  With all the worldly information out on the shelves about how to keep those home fires burning, it’s so awesome that there are people willing to write helpful, God-centered books that encourage Christians to enjoy sex as the Lord anticipated.

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