Question: Does Size Matter?

We received a question on whether penis size really matters.  To tell you the honest truth it seems to be more important to men then it is for women.  It’s not the size of the stick that matters.  What matters is the magic within. A man with a small penis can be as great in the bed as a man who is well endowed.   On the flip side, lousy lovers come in all different shapes and sizes too.  I think many people have a misconception of what average actually is.  The average penis is 5.5 inches long when erect.  That being said, any sized penis can be satisfying.  All you need to do is find out which position works the best with your size.  Do woman think or talk about their man’s penis?  Maybe, but I guarantee it’s more about the hardness factor or how it was used rather then how many inches it is; how it smells and tastes rather then if it’s the size of a tree stump or twig.  The great thing about a woman’s vagina is that it stretches and shrinks according to the size of your husband’s penis.  The vagina is very accommodating. 😉

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  • May 2008
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