Position # 18: Road House Style

Okay, do any of you remember the movie Road House with Patrick Swayze? It was a 1989 flick that included a scene where they had sex up against the wall. Well, when we got married, we named that position “Road House” because that is where we got the idea to do it. The above picture is from sexpositionspics.com

To do “Road House” the wife simply jumps up in her husband’s arms and holds on to him around his neck. She helps to hold her weight up while the husband cups her bottom with his hands and helps to guide her over his penis. Insertion can happen at this point, or the husband can walk over to a wall, and use the wall to push against while inserting. The wife’s back will be against the wall at this point, and her legs should be wrapped around the husband’s waist. Cosmo has a picture of it here.

We absolutely love doing Road House sex. In the past, we have actually arranged our furniture so that the wall spot that we like to use has a table on one or both sides (think sofa table or end table). That table beside me actually helps so that if we need to, I can put one of my feet on that table to help hold my weight up some more.

Pros: This is a very erotic position. It is face-to-face so it does allow for kissing. Using the wall as leverage, the husband can give some powerful thrusts and also grind into the wife’s clitoris to help with her orgasm.

Cons: The husband needs to be strong enough to hold and carry his wife’s weight. It may become tiring for him after a few minutes.

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