Camping Sex

Tell me what you think of when you hear “May long weekend.” For me, one of the first things I think of is that it’s the start of camping season. Usually the weather is good enough to enjoy being outside so a lot of people head off for a few days of sitting around the fire chatting with friends and family, eating, drinking, reading, laughing, playing and just doing whatever it is they love about camping. However, if you are like my husband and I, you will also have discovered that camping sex is some of the hottest sex you can have and one of the best pastimes of camping.

If you are not an “outdoors girl,” you may not relate to this article, but go ahead a read it anyway. Maybe you can take some of the ideas and use them in your back yard or something. I actually think I am the only Spice Sister who likes camping. If I am wrong, I am sure one of them will speak up. 🙂

So why is camping sex so hot? A couple of things contribute to the hot-factor. One is simply that you are relaxed enough to actually think about sex. You are spending quality time together day in and day out. If you have kids you have been watching your husband do the daddy thing which I always find incredibly sexy. We don’t tend to drink alcohol very often, but we do on occasion and camping is one of the occasions. It’s one of the things we do to enjoy our vacation. All these reasons contribute to a high desire to have sex, but experiencing it is what makes it great.

Usually you can set up your site so that you have optimal privacy around the fire and so making love under the stars with a roaring fire next to you is a very real option. It is amazingly romantic. You can park your vehicle, set up your tent and run a clothes line (with towels “drying” on it when you want to make love) all in certain ways to minimize the likelihood of other campers seeing you.

A nice position is woman on top with your husband sitting in a comfy camping chair. Something your husband may be pleasantly surprised by is that if he is leaning back while you are in reverse cowgirl position, when you move up and down on him he is going to see peaks of the fire as you thrust. It’s a unique visual you may not always have access to, but you can burn it in his memory. If your husband is aroused by seeing you masturbate you might also try sitting on the other side of the fire from him and giving him a show. It’s very excited to do something that is a normal part of your sex life in a new way, like outside by a fire.

Then there is the whole aspect of having sex in a tent or RV, depending on the kind of camping you do, that is enough to add in that spicy ingredient of variety to your sex life. Be sure you have a large, comfortable, inflatable bed if you are tenting. It is not at all enjoyable to have a rock impale your back while you are in the throws of passion. Also, have enough sleeping bags or blankets so that you are warm enough. As well, having to be quieter for the neighbors can be fuel for the fire for some couples.

I recently found a book that looks quite interesting on this topic. It is called Sex in a Tent: A Wild Couple’s Guide to Getting Naughty in Nature and it is definitely on my book wish list. It covers amusing things like how to create a romantic dinner in a ziploc bag and how to have sex in a tent without destroying it, as well as truly helpful information like which are the most romantic campsites in North America and how to convince a reluctant spouse.

Camping sex is indeed one of the most fun sexual experiences my husband and I have enjoyed consistently. It never fails to disappoint. So may your summer camping trips be filled with as much great sex as great family fun this year and in the years to come.


  1. We are actually going camping this summer and I can’t wait to try out some of your ideas, CS!!!! I’m hoping the bugs will stay away from my s’mores and that we will have some nice clean restroom facilities near by.

  2. We rarely have issues with bugs… I guess we camp in places that don’t usually have mosquitoes. That would be the biggest nuisance. Good luck girlfriend!

  3. “We rarely have issues with bugs… I guess we camp in places that don’t usually have mosquitoes. ”

    Okay, CS…you *clearly* don’t camp in Michigan! 😉 The mosquito is our STATE BIRD! And they love both DH and me…so we’d have to spray down with OFF before ML in a tent…and then I’m not sure I could stand the scent. 😮 We love to camp, but we’ll have to camp where you do before we trying camping sex. 😉

    Great idea, though! Maybe we could build a fire in the fireplace and *pretend* it’s camping. Roast marshmallows for s’mores and our buns in front of the fire…Hmmm….possibilities!

  4. State bird. LOL!

    How creative of you to consider setting up a mock camping experience in your living room. Go for it girl!

  5. Wow gen224, you have given me a new idea too! We have a fireplace and I am NOT a camping girl. So we don’t do camping. But I LOVE your idea about setting it up in our living room…. Thanks!!

  6. It’s that time of year again, and after reading this post and the comments made, I had to chime in and give you an idea to get rid of the mosquitoes. You cat actually get tents or lean-tos that have mesh walls only. They’re basically giant mosquito nets so the little devils can’t get in and take a bite out of you. You can get them in one or two person size in tents, and I think if you want to invest a lot of money, you can get giant 10×10 canopies to put over your eating area. Or you could just get one of those mosquito nets that hang by a single wire that’s meant to go over your bed, and hang it up from a tree with a chair/sleeping bag/inflatable bed under it. That way you’ll still feel like you’re outside, but you won’t have to worry about being covered in itchy red dots the next day.

  7. It’s funny that this article would be bumped today because I just reserved our July long weekend camping trip yesterday. lol.

  8. This is the husband here. I do some backpacking, and wilderness canoeing. Some of the most romantic sunsets I can remember were from mountainside campsites, and shoreline campsites. If you are worried about hygiene you can bring a portable camp shower to clean up after a day of hiking or paddling. They come in 2.5-5.0 gallon sizes. Just fill them up when getting to camp, and hang in the sun. After a nice campsite dinner the water is warmed up for a shower.

  9. Wow here I thought everyone had camping sex! It’s the best! Of course when me and my hubby were younger (not that were old or anything) we had a few woods here in town we would go to just to get out of the bedroom, now 2 kids later camping is about the only time we get to somewhat relive those days 🙂

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