Position #19: Reverse 69

For this week’s POTW, I decided to choose an oral sex position that dh and I have both enjoyed together. I call it the Reverse 69. In the true oral sex position “69”, the woman is on top and the husband is on bottom.

In reverse 69, the wife lays on her back on the bed. Her husband lays on top of her, but kneels with his genitals in an area easily accessible to her mouth, while her genitals are easily accessible to his mouth. In this position, the woman can have not only easy access to his penis, but also to his testicles, his perineum, and even his prostrate! If used as foreplay, you could transition to just about any of the former 18 positions mentioned in previous weeks. Or if you are just in for a night of pleasure without vaginal or anal penetration, this is a great way to get an O for both spouses. Even maybe a simultaneous one!

Pros: This is a really great position for foreplay. Both spouses can receive ultimate pleasure simultaneously.

Cons: If the husband is very well endowed, there is the possibility of choking/gagging for the wife. Men are usually the heavier spouse, so I wouldn’t recommend laying on her, but perching yourself up on your knees.

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