Double Penetration

We had someone recently write in and ask about Double Penetration.  “Is it okay to do?”  “Can Christians do this too?”  “Am I wrong for wanting to try this?” DP is simply being penetrated in two places at the same time. It is usually the anus and vagina, but it could also be the vagina and mouth or anus and mouth. Some people only think of this as a “porn” activity, but I’m here to tell you that good Christian women can indeed enjoy this with their husbands, without other people involved at all.

DP is usually more appealing to women who like anal penetration. Many women have found that the nerve endings in the anus are extremely sensitive and can intensify orgasms when stimulated. The most popular way that couples can enjoy DP is through the use of a toy inserted anally, while having intercourse. The orgasms from this can be very intense for the wife. This can be achieved in missionary position if the husband has long enough arms to reach down and around with the toy. Woman on top, doggie, and sex sitting up positions give him even easier access. You can purchase a special anal plug or toy for this activity. They are usually made with smaller girth than regular dildos are.

Sometimes it’s hard for the husband to hold the toy in place though. To help with this issue, you could try a  triple stimulator. It’s a jelly ring that fits over the husband’s penis. There is also an attached 6″ dildo for anal penetration. (It’s actually pretty slender girls, so girth isn’t an issue.) Finally, it has a vibrating bullet held in place directly over the clitoris. So every time the husband thrusts, the wife is penetrated in both places, and her clitoris is tingled by the bullet vibe!

Some women may not be in to anal penetration, but still enjoy DP. It’s fun to give your husband oral sex, while he is pleasuring you with a toy down below! It’s a unique feeling to have your husband in your mouth while he is using a toy in you at the same time. This can be done while both partners are lying on their sides, or using position #19 that Spicy Nutmeg recently wrote about! We like to see who loses concentration first!

I do think, however, that this activity has the potential to become sinful for some couples. Problems could arise if either spouse struggles with lust and/or pornography issues. Your marriage bed is for you and your husband only. So if you are engaging in this activity, and your husband is giving you the most wonderful orgasm you’ve ever experienced, but your mind is imagining another man in bed with you both, that is sin. If your husband is double penetrating you, while his mind is flashing back to pornographic images that he has seen involving this activity, or past experiences where he was involved in sexual sin himself, again it becomes sinful.

James 1:14-15 (Contemporary English Version)

14 We are tempted by our own desires that drag us off and trap us. 15 Our desires make us sin, and when sin is finished with us, it leaves us dead.

The way these verses are worded in this particular version really struck me. There are many activities that can tempt you and trap you into sin. So for those of you who have a history of engaging in sexually sinful behavior involving multiple people, or a history of struggling with these types of thoughts, it may not be a good idea to pursue DP, as it could potentially trap you. I would urge you to pray about it together first.

As long as the two of you are concentrating only on each other, then your marriage bed is undefiled. This is definitely one of those things that some people really like and other people have no intention of trying at all!   There are a few threads on  The Marriage Bed that also discuss this topic, so if you are in need of more information you may want to try over there.

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