Position #20: Doggy Variation

This variation of doggy is a nice position for deep penetration at a different angle and makes it nice and tight for the husband.

It is nice to begin by having your husband give you an erotic back massage. Use some coconut oil, light the room with candles and have some sexy or romantic music playing. After the massage you are probably both going to be ready for intercourse.

For this position, stay laying on your belly and spread your legs to allow your husband to enter you. Your husband comes in from behind as he would for doggy, but then lays pretty much directly over top of you or with his knees pressing against the mattress to give him leverage for thrusting. The wooden figures above show the man more vertical, but you can also opt to have your husband lay more horizontally and embrace you which is the way my husband and I have most often enjoyed this position.

Pros ~ deep penetration, physical closeness, simple to acheive

Cons ~ no kissing on the lips, no direct clitoral stimulation

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