Does Reading the Christian Nympho Blog Turn You On?

We felt compelled to address this issue because we have tried to be clear from the beginning that we are here to provide useful information to married, Christian women and yet it has never been our desire to titillate our readers with our own experiences. We always research incoming links that are showing up on our stat page and in doing so we came across a woman who said she had become aroused by reading our blog and for that reason she did not feel good about reading here. We certainly applaud her awareness of what boundaries she needs to establish for her own purity, and yet it caused us to re-evaluate if we have stepped over the line.

While each of us “spice sisters” agrees that the information we are offering is an important message for the church, we do not want to set up a stumbling block for anyone. After considering our writing style we are even more convinced that for those who want and need it, our desire to provide pertinent information for women regarding godly sexuality in a respectful manner does offer something of value to the church. However, as encouraging as it is to see how many people read our blog daily, if what you are reading here arouses you in a way that takes your eyes off your spouse, it is better for you to guard your heart and chose other information to read.

Having said that, if what you read here focuses your eyes more intently on your spouse and you are drawn more closely to them because of it, then we encourage that sort of arousal. Godly information about sex spoken to a woman who is fully aware of who God made her to be in bed with her husband ought to be arousing. If she considers the idea of applying what she reads here to her own marriage and is aroused, we think that is appropriate. The line is that you are not aroused generally by something external or something that is not yours to lust after, but by your own passion for your husband (or wife, for the husbands who read here).

We know we are not going to please everyone and we make no apologies for our overt dialogue about sex, but we want to simply encourage you to be aware of your own necessary boundaries.

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