Position #21:Lateral Coital Position

When my husband and I first attempted this position I had a drawing and a detailed article all printed out and decided to prop it up on our headboard.  I first started in a simple ‘Cowgirl/Woman on Top’ position.   I read the step by step instructions for lateral coital, while shouting out directions to my husband.  We had one problem…..he kept popping out.  Then my husband asked to see the picture.  He said “Oh, it’s like a leg sandwich” and BINGO we did it without any hitches.


I will try to give directions in the simplest manner possible from my own experience. 

*Start in the Cowgirl position.

*Take your left leg and straighten in out behind you.

*As you are straightening your leg lean forward and press your upper body against his.  Leaning forward will help him stay penetrated.

*Have your husband put his leg on the outside of your now extended leg.

*Slowly roll to your side that has his leg on the bottom.

*Make sure your right leg stays over the right side of his hip.  This leg is great for leverage when thrusting.

*As you roll make sure he turns his pelvis slightly.

*Put your left arm under your pillow that your head is resting on and explore your man with your right hand.

The three steps that are bold-ed should be done simultaneously. 

**Warning** The following link is a realistic pencil sketch.

The picture we viewed was taken from a book called “Human Reproductive Biology, second edition” and the author is Richard E. Jones.  Click on this link to see an excerpt from the book. A search page will pop up for the book, just put ‘lateral coital’ in the search box.  You will see two options, just click on the link that takes you to page 378 and they describe the “how to’s” for this position.  The step by step instructions we tried following are here.   If you are interested in using this position for ejaculatory control I found this article.  I apologize if my article has you confused.  This position is much easier to do then it sounds.   Let me know if you have any questions.



*Very close position.  You are able to make intense eye contact.

*Gives great clitoral stimulation and if you do need more oomph a bullet vibe fits in between you and your husband nicely allowing you to be able to explore with your hands.

*If you enjoy anal stimulation this position gives easy access for your husband to do some exploring.

*This position is not taxing on either the husband or the wife.

*Hips are free to move slowly or quickly and penetration can be deep or shallow depending on what you need.

*Both individuals are able to thrust at the same time.

*Great position for ejaculatory control.

 *Good for all body types.


*View is limited because you are in such a tight embrace.

*The woman has limited access with her left arm.


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