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There is nothing quite as wonderful as spending quality, uninterrupted time with your husband. Date nights are nice and they are a commitment in our house, but there are also those precious memories we have of nights or weekends away and we wouldn’t trade them for anything. Spicy Nutmeg wrote an article on Spicy Getaways and shared how romantic it can be to visit a secluded cabin with your hubby. My husband and I have enjoyed those kinds of more rustic getaways, but we have also had the opportunity to visit a big city and stay in a swanky hotel. The cabin retreats allow me to feel more like myself that any other time. Just to rest and BE. Nothing required of me, but to sit and talk with my man. However the hotel allows me to feel like I can escape all that is normal and common to me and almost be someone else for awhile. I find it refreshing too.

For some of us, flying off to a hotel at a moments notice isn’t possible. If you have that luxury, you are blessed, but often times it takes a little more planning. When my husband and I spent a night at a hotel last December it required us to start planning in the early Fall. We needed to start saving money because it wasn’t an inexpensive hotel. We needed to arrange care for our children and my husband needed to secure time off at work, but all the effort and planning was more than worth it. We made memories that will last us our lifetime. We browsed the high end shops and snickered at the price of things. We enjoyed the hotel amenities numerous times. We had an enjoyable dinner together at a restaurant we don’t eat at frequently due to location and price. We took in some live theater and laughed our heads off. It was magnificent and we wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Changing gears slightly, I also want to touch on another way that hotels can be utilized to broaden your options for making time for intimacy. Sometimes you don’t have the luxury to get away for more than an evening. For whatever the reason, it just doesn’t work at this stage of your life to be away for very long. In these cases and simply if you want to add some variety, you might consider checking in to a nice hotel in the area where you live just for the evening. This way you can still have the experience of “going away,” but you can hold to your other commitments as well.

So I encourage you to plan on a nice hotel getaway sometime in the next year. Escape from your normal everyday life and experience something new and fresh.


  1. We can’t wait to do this! We are celebrating ten years of marriage this summer, and will be leaving our three kids for the first time OVERNIGHT! (We don’t live near grandmas, or this would have definitely happened sooner…)

  2. My DH and I try to get away overnight a couple times a year. The older the kids get the easier it is. I love going to a nice hotel and just relaxing. You can stay pretty cheap if you book through priceline, and your not picky about which hotel. You pick the star level and price they try to match it! We’ve always had good luck with it. 🙂

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