Take It All Off Babe!

Okay, so recently on The Marriage Bed, there was a thread entitled: Strip Tease…Husband for Wife. That thread is full of good ideas, but one post in particular stood out to us. We have gotten permission from TMB poster Seekryt to copy and paste what she said onto our blog for our readers to see. So without further adieu, here are Seekryt’s tips for you husbands out there thinking about stripping for your wife:

“Ok, this is making me blush, so if anyone has issues, DON’T READ IT! just in case it makes you blush, too. This is what would do it for me, and what I’ve seen others do.

Do a couple push ups first, (not as part of the strip, a few minutes beforehand) to get the blood flowing – very little is as attractive as a DH who’s a little sweaty and has lots of blood flowing to those muscly bits.

Lots of eye contact.

Grease up with lots of CO beforehand – get some light shining off those muscles.

Move slowly. Not undress slowly, but move slowly – men stripping is a lot more about posturing. Think a little more “bodybuilding” show, rather than “Flashdance”

Smile knowingly, looking right in her eyes. If it was me, I’d be blushing like crazy, not sure where to look – let her know with your eyes that it’s ok for her to be looking right at YOU.

Try to flex a lot, or put yourself in positions where you’re “posturing”. Hands linked, behind your head; holding your jacket or shirt over your shoulder with one hand, that kind of thing.

Grind your pelvis tons – slow slow slow. Not like a lady would; spread your legs apart, about the width of your shoulders, and move your hips in a circle.

Get your business up in her face.

Make sure to turn around – she wants to see your buns! Take time to move your shoulders around, let her see you moving.

Wear something cute, like those Armour undies – thongs are cute on guys, but hairy bums are funny Mr. Green Ok, maybe you’re a thong guy, in which case, go for it.

Have a follow up planned! After she’s all warmed up and drooling, do something with it! You’re showing off your strength, here, maybe carry her upstairs…”

We think this is an EXCELLENT list of things for the men to keep in mind! So now we’d like to hear from you ladies out there. If your husband was thinking of stripping for you, what would you like to see him do? What would turn you on?


  1. I realize this is a late response, but I wanted to share about my husband’s
    strip tease act. I am new at this web site and after reading your June article I copied it to give to him. He has waited for years for me to do this kind of thing. We planned a evening, got our 4 kids out and we set up the living room for the event. He did almost word for word following the article on “Take it off Babe”, I was so trilled to see his excitement,and joy (event a little bit of a boy) come out of him (he is usually a very serious faced person). It was awesome !
    After his little dance, I ran to dress for my proformance. The tease was still high in the air as a called out for him to find me hiding in one of the bedrooms. I had a leapard dress on and had applied heavy makeup to appear as a cat’s face. He loved it. He carried me back to the living room as we danced together.

  2. I’m so happy to hear about your experience! Kudos to your husband for doing this for you!

  3. There is no such thing as a late response, strawberryblossoms. A comment on an older article is just as important to us as one made on a newly published article. It sounds like you both had a wonderful night (and I bet your 4 kids had a blast too.)

  4. I have felt like the worst wife ever! My dh tried stripping for me once not long after we’d gotten married. I could not help it I laughed til I cried and my face,abs and lungs hurt! Since then he has done it just to make me laugh which makes me feel horrid.( My hubby is 6’6′ and 170. He is an absolute genius and fabulous in just about every otheer way. He just can’t dance.EVER. ) I find him hot to say the least, just not when he’s dancing.
    I’ve tried just about everything I can thionk of to get turned on by his dancing, but to no avail. i think he would like to dance for me bc he knows I am a dancer. Also I think there is some part of him that wants to grow more artistically.
    Anyone got any helpful hints on how he can develop some grace and coordination? I’ve even tried fasting over this. I am a rock when it comes to this.

  5. I’ve been a little skeptical about strip teasing for my husband – I’ve always thought I would want to strip tease for my husband, but once I got married I thought it sounded like an odd idea. But this here -“Get your business up in her face.” Oh my, a husband strip tease sounds great and I would love to do the same for him.

  6. hm, I’m afraid I would just laugh and laugh… I get tickled WAY too easily.
    Not that I don’t think hubby is ridiculously sexy and drop dead gorgeous. I even love to see him in silky boxers and I love to see (and touch) his naked body.
    The mental image I’m getting is just kinda comical, sorry πŸ™‚ But if he could do it without laughing, then I probably wouldn’t laugh. I’ll have to suggest it to him πŸ™‚
    I did a short strip tease for him a couple months ago, but I felt awkward (doesn’t help that I was a couple months pregnant and in maternity clothes). I wanna do it again but I want to practice more and find a better song. And maybe wait until I’m not pregnant, or is that dumb?

  7. I bet he finds your pregnant belly sexy…. You don’t have to strip down to nothing. Maybe just down to a sexy bra and panty set. Just do what you feel comfortable with and enjoy it. He will too, I am sure.

  8. Alright, good advice πŸ™‚

    it’s hard to feel sexy when I tire so easily and I’ve never been this big before! Talk about teenage fears of ‘getting fat’ coming back to haunt me, lol.
    But you’re right, he does think I’m very sexy πŸ˜€ thx for the reminder

  9. This article is to promote discussion about husbands stripping for their wives. Any further comments made about wives stripping can be made on this article: Stripping For Your Husband. Thanks for understanding! πŸ™‚

  10. I have stripped for my wife and I loved doing it. But I’m not sure how well she enjoyed it. Of course we danced together and made love afterwards but I just wonder how much my “show” charged her up if any. I’ve never thought of myself as a good dancer but I did read the article on “TMB” before stripping. I was great! I would gladly do it again if I knew it turned her on.

  11. It’s hard to not giggle when my husband tries a “sexy dance” because of the funny look on his face. We’ve been ballroom dancing for 7 years and a really hot tango or Latin routine WITH him would turn me on more. I dream of being flexible enough to wrap my leg over his shoulder and other such steamy moves.

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