Position #22: The Grand Tetons

This position is for breast sex and it couldn’t get any simpler.

1. The wife lies down on her back.

2. The husband straddles his wife’s ribcage, situating his penis between her breasts.

3. The husband thrusts.

Things to Keep in Mind:

  • If the wife loves over-all breast stimulation, not just nipple stimulation, then this position may be right up her alley.
  • I have heard women say that breast sex doesn’t work for them due to their cup size, so if this doesn’t work then just scratch it off of your list and move on to something that does.
  • Beware of rug burn while performing breast sex on the floor. Putting down a blanket will alleviate that.
  • If the husband has knee issues, this position may not work since all his weight will be resting on them.

Keys to Enjoyment:

  • Depending on the preference, the wife may want to put a pillow or two under her head to provide extra comfort and easier visual stimulation.
  • Use an ample amount of lubrication of your choice. Keep it handy just in case a reapplication is necessary.
  • Someone will need to push the breasts together. The couple may want to pick the person who does not have lube on their hands; otherwise the breasts may slip out of grasp.
  • If the wife chooses to hold the breasts, then she may also want to interlock her fingers over the cleavage, for a firm grip. This also ensures that the penis is completely enveloped.
  • This position provides many options for an ending that may be worked out ahead of time or in the heat of the moment.
    • The husband can finish on the breasts.
    • The husband may give his wife a “pearl necklace”.
    • Some women don’t even mind if their husband goes on their face!
    • Finishing orally is also another choice. Either the husband can hop off at the last minute or he may poke his penis out enough that the wife can slip her lips around the head.
  • Breast sex can also be a great for foreplay.
  • Keep a towel or wet wipes handy for a quick clean up afterwards.

(For information on the real Grand Tetons, please click here.)


  1. If you use some form of PIV abstinence for BC, such as the Fertilitly Awareness Method, this is great, because you don’t have to worry about having semen too close to the vagina for possible pregancy.

    I will say this one is LOTS of fun.

  2. If knees are an issue, this can also be done if the wife is on a chair, sofa, stool. She would be sitting up but low enough for the penis to be placed between her breasts. This also makes for easy transition to oral sex.

  3. One note on breast sex: I find that when we first start this position, to get warmed up, I like to be rubbed all over my breasts, or have him hold my breasts together–then I can concentrate on the great feelings. But for him to let go, once I have enjoyed for a while, I take over holding my breasts. Then he can get just the right angle, and support himself with his hands, and go at it for as long as he can last. 🙂

  4. I love it, and my husband too! The feeling, wow, as im so sensitive on my breasts, its really enjoyable. My husband prefer to come in my face and breasts, and i love it this way too!

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