Clitoral Stimulation

If your husband is looking for some ideas on how to stimulate your clitoris here are some to pass along. 

Lubrication is a must!!! If there is not enough natural lube for his figures to slide easily then by all means use CO or whatever your favorite lube may be.  Natural lube varies depending where we are in our cycle.  If your natural lube dries up it usually has nothing to do with your level of arousal and more to do with where you are in your cycle.

Here are some different techniques that he can try:

Move in circles~ Put two fingers together, move in circles starting with a light pressure.

Go up and down~ Instead of moving in circles move you two fingers in an up and down motion.

Barely there~ Graze the clitoris with the lightest touch possible.  If you enjoy this you could also try incorporating different objects such as a feather or silk undies.

Handful of Sunshine~ Have his palm rest on your clitoris while his fingers play at your vagina’s entrance or have him reach for your G-spot using his fingers in a come hither motion. If you start grinding against his palm then he should take this as a very good sign.

Tour Guide~ Put your hand over his and guide his hand/fingers to what feels good.

Thumbing~As he uses his thumb to stimulate your clitoris, he can also insert a couple of fingers into your vagina. If you like anal stimulation he can try to tickle that area with his pinky.

When trying these different techniques remember you can always apply more pressure as needed but unlike a man’s penis the clitoris is extra sensitive (which you should know especially if you read our article on the clitoris.)  It should be handled with care and a softer touch is usually more effective. Have him try different speeds and tell him what feels best. Once you find a speed and pressure that works make sure you tell your husband to keep doing whatever it is he’s doing.  Sometimes men think they need to speed it up when we are about to experience an orgasm and that is not the case.  Remember to communicate your wants and needs.  This seems to really turn my husband on and it could do the same for yours.  If all goes well don’t forget to tell him how good he is at following directions. 😉

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