Position #23: The Pile Driver

I thought that this week I’d change things up a bit. This one is probably the most difficult position we’ve done thus far. Even if you don’t think you can do this one, give it a try! My husband and I have tried it, unsuccessfully, but got a lot of laughs from it and some nice memories! Sometimes there is emotional bonding sex and other times there is just sex that is fun! This position would go in the latter 😛

Okay, to start with, the wife will need to get into the Yoga Plough Pose pictured below:

If you are unsure as to how to get into this position, then watch the animated woman in this video. It shows you from the beginning step by step how to do it.

Once the wife is in place, the husband walks up to her, facing her, and inserts his penis by bending it downward. The husband will probably have to bend his body down a bit and use his thigh muscles to go down and up for thrusting. If there is furniture (sofa, table, counter top) nearby for him to lean a hand on, it may help. For another set of basic steps to help you get into position, try this link.

To add another degree of difficulty to this already outlandish position, have the husband try to change angles by putting one of his legs through one of the wife’s legs as described in #4 of this link. It would put you looking something like our dear friends the stick people.

Pros: This position is very fun to try. If you are in a light-hearted, willing to try something new mood, then this will put a smile on both your faces! Then next year, at your family reunion, you can elbow your husband and whisper in his ear…“Hey, you remember last year when we tried the Pile Driver?” 😆

Cons: This position requires a very limber wife and a husband who has some strength in his legs! It is also uncomfortable for some men, to have their penis bend down like this.


  1. My husband and I tried this one last night and it was incredible. Very erotic. It is an easy position to watch him moving in and out.

  2. Yay! I’m glad to hear that someone tried this one! 😛

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