Position #25: Fellatio Lying Down

This is a great position for your husband to receive fellatio because he gets to lean back and enjoy the show. Have him lie on his back and place some pillows behind his head/neck to help prop him up. You can position yourself between his spread eagle legs. This should give you easy access to his testicles, perineum and anus.

Slowly make your way down to his penis planting kisses along the way. Once you are at his groin you can either moisten his testicles with your mouth or use some kind of lubricant, such as coconut oil. At this point he should be fully erect and ready. Don’t be afraid to try different techniques with your tongue and mouth. You can check out ‘Advanced Oral Techniques’ if you need some ideas.

One of the benefits of being in this position is that while you are working on your man you can give him a show as well. One hand can continue working on him by gripping the base of his penis, fondling his testicles, caressing his perineum or teasing his anus. Your other hand can be giving yourself pleasure by either touching or using a vibrator on your clitoris. If he’s a helpful kind of guy he may even give you a hand by holding his penis as you multi-task.

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  • June 2008
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