Position #27: On A Yoga Ball

My husband and I recently tried this one out ladies! It’s basically some of the same positions that we’ve tried before, except this time you will be on your exercise ball! You can pick up a yoga ball at many different stores. We have a Stay Ball. It has sand in it that helps it to stay in place and not roll away from you. Just make sure that you get a ball that is the right size for your height. If you are a shorter woman and you get a ball that is too large, then these positions won’t work.

Typical missionary positions can be achieved by having the wife lay her back and rump on the ball. The husband then gets on his knees in between her legs. He enters and the wife can then wrap her legs around his back if she needs to. She can also wrap her arms around his neck. Be prepared for the ball to “give” some with each thrust.

Rear entry is a good one to use with the ball too! The wife can lie across it and relax her weight on the ball. The husband (on his knees) enters from behind like usual. He can hold on to the ball to stabilize it, or he can bend his own body over his wife’s body in a kind of ‘hug’ position. The ball makes this position very erotic.

Another way to try it is to have the husband lie on the floor and put the ball under his legs as seen here.  The wife can then straddle him in reverse cowgirl and she’ll have the ball to hold on to!

A final way is to place the ball on the floor beside your bed (if it’s high enough, ours is on risers) or another high place like the back of your sofa. The husband sits on it, but reclines back onto the bed or sofa. The wife is able to straddle him and make love with her feet on the ground.

Pros: The ball can put a twist on an old position that you may have previously not liked. It works well with several traditional positions so there is a variety of ways you can use it!

Cons: You need to make sure that you have the right sized ball for your body frame. Some positions may require you to be good at keeping yourself balanced.

I’m sure there are other positions that I have failed to mention here, so get your ball and get creative!


  1. My husband and I may have to invest in one of these exercise ball. Looks fun and the imagination can run wild. Really good position of the week cumingirl.

  2. We were just talking about the ball the other day. Now we will have to try it!

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