Using Lubricants During Oral


After writing Position#25: Fellatio Laying Down we received a question about using lube during oral.  They wanted to know the benefits of doing so.  When I wrote the article I was referring to putting lube on the testicles.  This allows you to fondle them with greater ease and you can rub his perineum (if he likes that) without causing friction.  Some women even have a difficult time getting the penis wet enough for easy gliding with their mouth and a lubricant would help.  If you produce a copious amount of saliva then you most likely will not need to do this and you can just use you mouth to moisten up the area.


Another reason for using lube during oral is you may not want to swallow and prefer to finish him manually.  Saliva dries pretty quickly and a lube allows you to switch without worrying if you are chaffing him or not.  If you are going to use a lube during oral I do recommend using something that is pleasant tasting such as coconut oil.  This way you can switch things up.  Once you apply a lubricant for manual you can still switch to oral after without tasting that chemical taste that some lubricants have.  Either way, it’s always good to have some on hand.


  1. I made the mistake of hurting him once. I thought I had kept it well lubricated. So it got me wondering, Isn’t that why there are flavored lubes? Though since I struggle with the taste already I am unsure as to what may help mask the flavor or make me cringe more?

  2. Some flavored lubes are less chemical tasting then others. You could always try using some kind of food that you like. Chocolate syrup, frosting, whipped cream…can you tell I have a sweet tooth? I think if it has a runny consistency it may work better. Another thing that may help is to not think about it too much. Instead of focusing on what is going to come out of him try focusing more on how you are blessing him. It may help you to look at his face while performing oral so that you can see him in ecstasy.

  3. The flavored lubricants by System Joe are by far the best in the business as far as taste and lubrication go. Our personal favorite is watermelon, and there is no “chemical” taste and they have the viscosity of straight silicone.

  4. Superior thinking demontsraetd above. Thanks!

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