Position #28: Corner of the Mattress

This position is a variation of woman on top that will allow you and your husband to be vertical if you enjoy that.

To get into position have your husband sit on the corner of the bed rather close to the edge. You can then either straddle him with your knees on the bed or standing on the floor. If you opt to kneel, you may prefer to have him sit back a bit further from the edge so that you have more of the mattress under you for leverage. Standing allows you to use the floor to press against as you move on your husband.

This position is great because it is easy to accomplish and is good for clitoral stimulation if you are a wife who benefits most from woman on top positions. In this position you will be able to press in close to each other and either grind or slide your way to ecstasy. The only problem I could foresee with this position is that a foot board, if you have one, may be an obstacle depending on it’s style.

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  1. We tried something similar to this position last night. It’s taught me this: don’t try this on a bed with a slatted frame… unless you want the shock of a lifetime when the frame gives way *grin* Too bad,because this position sounds like fun.

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