Sexual Sin: Jesus annointed by the sinful woman

I find it interesting that even though the Bible tells us that “all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” [Romans 3:23], there are still people in life who just thrive on pointing out your sin without seeing the log in their eye. KWIM? Thus is the case in today’s story from Luke 9:36-50.

Jesus spent a lot of his earthly ministry with sinners. This bewildered the Pharisees to all means. I mean, why would Jesus want to stoop to their level? The Pharisees might have thought “Shouldn’t he spend more time with those of us in the temple, teaching us than spending time with all those sinners?” The Pharisees thought very highly of their ability to keep all the laws of Moses, and the bagillion that they tagged on to them. I can’t even imagine attempting to keep all those laws. But here in our story today, Jesus takes the time to dine at the home of one of the Pharisees. It was then that a woman came in. She had learned that Jesus was in town and she came to the Pharisee’s house in tears, and sat at Jesus’s feet and used her tears and her hair to wash his feet. She kissed his feet and then she took the alibaster jar of perfume that she had with her and poured the perfume on his feet.

The Pharisee, named Simon, saw this and commented, “If this man were a prophet, he would know who is touching him and what kind of woman she is—that she is a sinner.” [Luke 7:39]

Great, Simon. Thanks for pointing that out for us! The woman already made a HUGE decision to come into your house in the first place….in tears at that, but she felt that it was important enough to get past her sinful behavior to see Jesus. Sure, this woman might have been a prostitute, it really doesn’t say what her sin is in the passage, but I feel like she was repentant of it to be in tears at Jesus’ feet. I know I’ve been there.

Jesus knew this and decided to make this a teaching moment for the people reclined at the table. He told Simon and the others this parable. There was a man who was a moneylender. He loaned one man 500 denarii and another man 50 denarii. Neither man had the money to pay him back, so the man decided to cancel their debts. Now which one would love him more? Of course, Simon replied that the man who owed 500 denarii would. Then Jesus proceeded to tell Simon that when he came into his house, that Simon did not wash his feet (as was customary), but the woman used her own tears and wiped his feet with her hair. Simon did not give him the customary greeting of a kiss, but this woman did not stop kissing Jesus’ feet from the time she entered the house. Simon didn’t pour oil on Jesus’ head as was customary, but this woman poured expensive perfume on his feet. Because she had the “greater debt” and loved more, Jesus forgave her sins and told her to go in peace, that her faith had saved her.

Well, this became the topic of conversation in whispered tones…only GOD can forgive sins….who does he think he is?

I, myself, came into my marriage with sexual sins. Lots of them. It really took me a long time to forgive myself for them and my marriage bed suffered for them. The thing I forgot was that I asked God to forgive these sins, and he did, but I let Satan hold those same sins over my head for a long time. I didn’t forgive myself, when my Lord had sent those sins into the Sea of Forgetfulness. He probably looked at me many times when I would ask forgiveness for them over and over again and say, “My child, what sins? ” It wasn’t until God reminded me and I realized that Jesus had taken on those sins for me. The burden of them was no longer on me. He had taken that yoke from me and I felt so much lighter and my sexual awakening began at that point.

Is Satan pressing past sins on you? Have you asked God for forgiveness? Then just as Jesus told this woman, “Your sins are forgiven.” [Luke 7:48] Leave them to God. Are you engaged and you are afraid of sins that you take into your marriage? Dear child of God, give them over to God. Receive forgiveness and don’t allow Satan to pester you about them any more. Just remember Jesus’ words in my last blog entry, “Go and sin no more.”[John 8:11]

Are you ready for the Old Testament? Next we’ll take a peek at some women there who had problems that caused them to sin and drag their DH’s right in with them.

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  1. Love this. I can’t emphasize enough that no sin is worth keeping under the sheets, as it were. Honesty to DH, repentance to God, and recieving healing in these areas will put however good you thought your sex life was into another orbit because there will no longer be ANYTHING separating you from DH’s love, or the love of God for you, or that reservoir of God’s love for you to pass on to your spouse.
    Come clean! The water’s great! 😀

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