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Warning: Some of the links in this thread may contain partial nudity.

I touched on the topic of sexy artwork in an earlier article entitled Making Your Bedroom Romantic. We recently had a question from a reader asking:

“My wife and I are trying to finish our master bath decorating scheme and we are looking for some appropriate, but tasteful sensual art for our walls. Have any ideas or links where we can shop for this”

One of my favorite sites for seeing a wide variety of artwork at a reasonable price is So I went over to the site and found a few images that may be the sort of thing that would work in a master bath or bedroom. Since we all appreciate art in our own way, these images may or may not be the sort of thing that delights you.

You can find prints that have a more romantic feel to them, such as:

Or images which are more sensual or erotic such as:

I think this one would be especially nice in a master bathroom:

Some artwork is even intended to cause the viewer to see a double entendre between what is drawn/painted/photographed and the female or male genitalia:

So there is quite a selection available and it all depends on your own tastes, but in a master bedroom or bathroom, I would certainly consider something more intimate and sexy.

One other idea my husband and I have been waiting for the right weekend to try is to have some fun painting one another and then to make love on a canvas and then hang that in our bedroom. Oh, the possibilities…

I hope you find something lovely to hang in your new bathroom!


  1. cinnamon…I too am really interested in making some art with my hubby! Let us know how it goes when you do it. I’m hoping for some specific tips to make it great – you know, like what paint to use? what if it gets where you DON’T want it? Stuff like that!

  2. Oh, by the way…georgia o’keefe has some great stuff that makes you think she must have been thinking of the female anatomy when painting it!

  3. Anything by Rodin or Camille Claudel I find intensely sexy as well. Check out Eternal Springtime or Le Baiser, for starters.

  4. deejee~ yes, you are totally right about o’keefe. The link above called Grey Line is one of her paintings. 8) I think she did some phallic ones too, but didn’t want to go looking for them too hard, lest I find more than I wished to in my search.
    When we get around to making “our painting,” I’ll post a review 🙂

    Neal~ Thanks for those other suggestions.

  5. I thought that Grey Line looked familiar! My avatar-thingy is actually her “Red Canna”. I’m saving up to get that print for our bedroom!

  6. I’ve thought of getting pictures taken of me like “body and soul”, but probably not showing quite as much. And having those in our room. Still don’t know who I’d get to take them, though. But I do like the idea!

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