Position#29:Lotus Position

The lotus position is one of the most intimate positions around. It brings you and your husband as close as humanly possible. Have your husband sit with his legs crossed. If this is too uncomfortable then he can extend his legs and cross at the ankles with his knees relaxed but slightly bent. Once he is comfortable you sit on his lap, facing him and wrap your legs around his waist and arms around his neck. You can insert him while you are sitting down or you can maneuver yourself to make it happen after you sit down. It should be pretty easy for him to enter you either way. He should have easy access to your breast or backside. Once he has entered you then you can move by rocking your hips together.

In order to do this position successfully you do need to be flexible. It is great for clitoral contact but the ability to thrust is limited. If you have pretty strong thighs then all the better for movement. My recommendation is to use this position to bring yourself to climax or just use it as a prelude to a different position.

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