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Here is a question we received in our ‘Got Questions?’ box.



Do you ladies have any suggestions for sexual positions for a woman who is taller than her husband and larger than her husband?  We have fallen into a rut in our sex life as we can only find one position that works for us.  Just wondering!  Thanks so much!



I found a bunch of possible positions for larger women.  The height difference should not matter much in positions where one or both of you are lying down. Here are some ideas from just the positions we have talked about in our ‘position of the week’ section.  I put a brief description of each one but if one catches your interest just simply click on the red letters and there will be a more in depth description.  Most even have step by step instructions. 😉  If anyone else has ideas to help please feel free to add them in the comment section.



Position #1 Side scissors~ Similar to spoons but you lift you top leg up in the air and you husband penetrate at an angle instead of directly behind you.


Position #2 Woman on top~ If you are concerned about putting too much weight on him you can always support yourself on your knees.


Position #3 On the Pillows~ Instead of basic missionary the husband is kneeing and the wife is propped up with a stack of pillows under her bottom.


Position #5 Reverse Cowgirl~ Same idea as Woman on Top but facing opposite direction.  You can support your weight on your knees in this position as well.


Position #6 Rear Entry~ Get on your knees with your chest close to the bed and have your husband enter from behind.


Position #7 Froggy Style~ It’s easier if you just read the description that Sugar and Spice came up with.


Position #11  Standing T Position~ Have him stand on the side of your bed and you can either lay on your belly or back.  It is described in detail in our position of the week section.


Position #12 X’s and O’s~  The easiest way to describe this is for the husband to be sitting up, the wife strattles him in a sitting position and then lays back with her legs extended on either side of him.


Position #26 Spoons~ Lay on you side and have your husband lay behind you.  He can then enter you from behind.  If he is having difficulty penetrating you can try leaning over a bit.



Just remember to have fun with it!!!

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