It’s So Hot!!!!

It’s really hot, and I’m not talking about the sexual energy you’ve got going on. I’m talking about the actual temperature. Summertime is a great time to enjoy things like camping sex, spicy getaways, and even having sex somewhere semi-public, but it also can be hard to get in the mood when the temperatures start to reach their peak. The heat can make us feel lethargic and uncomfortable which can often cause us to wish no one would touch us. So how do you keep things spicy in the bedroom when you’ve had enough of the heat?

One option is to find a private place to go skinny dipping and cool off together. You could also hop in the shower together and have the water on the cooler side. Also, making the effort to initiate intimacy at a cooler part of the day like first thing in the morning or late at night can help. If you live in a part of the country that is excessively warm, you are probably fortunate in that you likely live in a home with air conditioning. Then you can just choose another time to get busy than when you have first come in from outdoors.

On the other hand, maybe you are the type of person who enjoys having sex when you are hot and sweaty. Perhaps it adds to the experience for you. Go for it!

One thing I love about the hot weather is all the great clothing for summer. They are the clothes that make me feel sexy. Skirts, cute shes, flirty tops. And when I make an effort to look good, I feel better about myself which makes me want to be close to my husband. And the visual impact is not lost on him either. 8)

You might even choose to wear that cute skirt without panties sometime while you are out with your husband and let him know at a private moment during your date or the classic, slip them off and into his pocket when its appropriate.

Summertime is good for lovin’ in many regards, but the hot temperatures are a challenge sometimes. If you have other tips for beating the heat feel free to comment, as always.


  1. I am one that likes sex i the heat. When my husband sweats a leaves that little pool on my belly it just makes me more hot. After his shower is usually the best because he sweats more. Summer lovin has been great this summer. Looking forward to many more summers like this one. In the past we only had sex at night and not more than 3 times a week. I the past 37 days we had only missed 4 days. it has been the most incredible experience I have ever had. And some of the days are doubled up. Day or night does not matter to me anymore, lights on is always good too. Getting ready to celebrate 11 years and we finally are getting a night without kids, home or phones. I am very excited about it. have fun with all of your summer lovin. Make it a summer he nor you will ever forget.

  2. my husband and i love to embrace the heat. to us, heat means one thing… sweat and lots of it! we love wet sex! This is definitely some of th steamiest sex we have… I love when his hair gets totally drenched and he is dripping all over me… then we usually slip into the shower an lay down to relax… our kinda night;)

  3. I could learn from you two… 8)

  4. haha… well we only hope we could repay the favor after all you and the other girls have been teaching us on this site.. positions that take a lot of energy obviously help produce more sweat… my husband holds himself above me during missionary only touching me where there’s penetration while going slowly. this usually gets the sweat dripping on me.. for me ,riding him on a chair can help produce sweat for me.. he usually finishes on me when we’re all done and then we lay ontop of eachother panting till we get catch our breath soaked from eachother… mmmmm… too bad it’s been a cooler summer this year…

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