Position #31: The Lap Dance

This is a unique combination of rear entry and woman on top that I really like to do! It’s pretty easy to remember the name, because it is as if the wife is sitting in her husband’s lap, as seen above. The above picture was taken from sexpositionspics.com

To get into position, the husband will need to sit on the side of the bed or on the sofa with his legs together. The wife faces away from him, and stands over his lap, with one leg on each side of him. She then lowers herself onto him, as seen in this picture. The wife is in control here because she is the one who is going to be pumping herself up and down on her husband’s lap. He can just sit back and watch her move. He can place his hands gently on her hips or on the bed/sofa beside him.

To change things up a little, switch leg positions. The husband can open his legs while the wife brings her legs closer together. This can make things somewhat tighter.

Pros: The husband gets to see his wife take control! He also gets to see her backside as she rides him.

Cons: The wife’s thighs may get sore and she may tire after a few minutes. This position doesn’t allow for kissing or cuddling.

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  1. I love this position! It’s easy to do, and it doesn’t play you out.

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