The Humor In Sex

When is the last time you laughed during sex? For me, it was two days ago. My husband followed me into my walk-in closet and closed the door behind us. I laughed as he told me that we had not ever done the deed in my closet before. I then giggled some more as we went about trying to find positions that would accommodate us in my cramped closet! 😆

I personally think that a healthy sex life should have some degree of humor in it. I’m not saying that you should laugh every time you do it. I do realize that there are times for serious emotional lovemaking. However, there is something to be said about the couple that is able to occasionally let loose, and not take themselves so seriously all the time.

I treasure those times when my husband is playful with me. And he loves it when I’m in an adventurous mood! Trying new positions is one thing that will usually get us laughing. Sometimes the positions just don’t quite work out the way we think they should, and we end up rolling with laughter!

Other things that have gotten us to laugh have been costumes and role-playing stuff. I remember once, when my husband even wrote me a short script. Every time I got to this one particular line, I started laughing so hard, and couldn’t stop. It took several “takes” for me to say it halfway right. We have it on video, and now when we watch it, we giggle and remember how much fun that was.

I could go on and on and on here, listing tons of examples of when we have laughed in our bedroom. Those are special times between us that we’ll never experience with anyone else. That is the beauty of marriage. But I would love to hear from any of you out there. What role does humor play in your marriage bed? How often do you laugh with your spouse behind closed doors?


  1. I guess the underlying [though unstated] assumption here is that people should be able to marry their friends, or come to a point in marriage where they can confidently say that their spouse IS their friend. Not everyone can say that. I’m grateful to God that I can.

  2. I have a couple memories of laughing and giggling through the beginnings of sex with my husband. I don’t remember now what made us laugh but we both laughed and the memory is good. We were playfull and having fun and I think it is great to experience all the ranges of sex, from passionate and serious, to light and fun! He truely is my best friend…and my playmate! =)

  3. True, true I am a very humor oriented person. It helps get you through some tough times.I can’t imagine not laughing sometimes in the bedroom. Usually when we try a position that just dosen’t work, or when we almost got caught my the hotel maid! This is also the best kind of humor, because it’s your little secret.when situations come up that we’ve already been through, we can just catch each others eye and smile. “Our little secret” That’s one reason I even dated my husband, he could make me laugh. I agree there are times that we aren’t laughing in the bedroom when we really connect, but it’s good to know you can, if something funny arises. I have a girlfriend who thinks that is totally wrong and disrespectful to her husband and God….No wonder she doesn’t love sex (she thinks of it as a chore) 😦

  4. My darling and I had so much fun laughing when we played strip twister on our Valentine’s Day getaway. Not being super athletic like my husband, I kept overbalancing and landing up on the floor, laughing like crazy…stripping an article off each time I blew the position.

    Needless to say, I had prepared to resemble an eskimo by packing extra items of clothing because I always lose during our game times. (He even wins when we flip a coin !! ) He got to have a wonderful show since the final items of so-called ‘clothing’ made his eyes really pop open with interest ! Dedicated workouts at the gym paid off big time.

    My man had the greatest time as I laughed my way down to my bare essentials…it was a sassy time and we probably caused the downstairs room occupants to wonder what we were getting up to. We shared an outrageously sex filled time together that weekend, much peppered by laughter.

    Trying odd sexual positions has had us in stitches many times which is always a great ice breaker with a perfectionistic husband. I am a light hearted lover which is the greatest salve for his delicate male ego. We are perfectly matched in our relationship. Laughing together has been a melding for us throughout our marriage.


  5. So what is strip twister? Is it simple enough that this game klutz could play?

  6. Hi Tractor,

    Strip twister uses the kids’ game, Twister, in that you play by the rules with the penalty for missing a move being to remove an item of clothing.

    With only the two of us, we ended up taking turns calling the color and the body part to be placed on that color…hilarious when one is already twisted around each other.

    I am a game klutz to the max which makes our game times even more raucous because my husband knows he will untimately win and I add the juiciness by playing the female being chased down, complete with coyness and whining and hopeless gestures; completely ridiculous but its a game. I am not coy nor do I whine and am not given to giving up with hopeless gestures so the role playing adds spice to our passion.

    Playing games enables me to figuratively stroke my lover’s, sometimes fragile, male ego as he learns over and over again that I am into having fun with him. I am an outgoing and therefore popular person which can make him jealous of my relationships with other people.

    Playing games with a sexual emphasis sends him powerful messages that I am truly all his.

    Crazy laughter has been heard by our kids as we do all sorts of silly things in our bedroom. Instead of fighting, they hear their parents laughing and talking far too loudly so late into the evening! Yes, they have long ago figured out that we are making love in some shape or form but when children hear laughter coming out of their parents’ room, how wonderful is that. God smiles on all of it.


  7. we always have laughed during foreplay and sex. from when we used to sneak and creep in my mama’s dark living room, to us fooling around in the car, to this day saying “don’t wake up the kids”.
    he also has this thing where he always strips for me beforehand. he’ll just come in and lock the kids out at 4 in the afternoon. i’ll hear the door lock behind him and he’ll come up grinding and taking off his clothes. that man is crazy!

  8. our second night of our honeymoon was gloriously funny. 😀 one of my favorite memories. 🙂

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