Position #32: X Marks the Spot

In this position the two of you will form an x shape. You may have done something similar with your husband on top, but in this one the wife is on top.

To get into position, have your husband lie down on his back and get on him as you normally would for woman on top. Then straighten out your legs so they are parallel to his. At this point rotate your body to the right or left of him and set yourself up so that you are in form to do a push up. You may prefer to keep one of your legs in between your husbands or to put both your legs on the outside of his. The latter will cause the two of you to make an X shape.

This position allows your husband to fondle your breasts, rear and other body parts easily. With you doing most of the work, he can lie back and just enjoy you.

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  1. We”ve done this but after getting on top of DH, I lay back and stretch my legs out on either side of his chest. I scoot far enough back so my bum touches the bed or floor and my arms are behind me to support me. We really enjoy this. DH likes it because I’m totally exposed and he can watch himself thrusting. I can only imagine the visual if I had a big mirror on the headboard (like the old waterbeds),
    We”ll definatley do this again!!

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